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Working with
Architects & Designers

Working closely with architects and designers, we create immersive, digital and interactive spaces that blends with the environment. Integrating state of the art audio and visual technologies, our user experience experts convert a regular space into an engaging and inspiring one that mesmerize audiences.

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Video Walls :: Donor Recognition Walls

Charitable organizations and other non-profits are dependent upon the generosity of donors. At Lusens, we design and create interactive donor walls that thank and honour past and present donors, tells the organization’s story, mission and vision and presents historical time-lines while highlighting major milestones. Powered by an easy-to-use content management system, non-profits can ensure the information presented is up to date.

Engaging Spaces that WOW Visitors

Working closely with architects and designers, we create immersive spaces in the retail, hospitality and other industries. Blending art with technology our team converts spaces to life, enabling inspiration and creativity at once. Our spaces combine digital technologies that allow users of all ages and abilities interact and engage in a memorable experience

We Deliver Engaging, Entertaining & Informative Experiences that are Memorable

Working with architects and designers, Lusens multi-disciplinary team creates and designs user experiences that give life to spaces while blending with the environment.