Every custom interactive experience must begin with a consultation. This is where we get to know you, listen to your goals and vision and then provide you with feedback and suggestions on how we can make it all come together. Through business partners in 42+ countries we design custom interactive experiences. Once a client sees samples of our work, they quickly realize there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to immersive interactive experiences!

Through our work with charitable organizations in donor recognition walls, we become experts in the area of custom interactive experiences and nonprofit capital campaigns, by, not only creating the best donor walls, but also helping them with their fundraising strategies, participating in donor recognition events,  coming up with fundraising ideas and more. Through our digital donor displays and other custom interactive experiences, non profits got new fund raising ideas, such as ways to organize names in donor walls for maximum efficiency. And we become experts in hospital donor displays and in assisting other donor centered organizations.

In retail, we designed means for interactive marketing including responsive environments that deliver amazing  branded experiences and other kinds of interactive retail experiences. As well we design and deliver interactive pathways and wayfinders that inform and also promote products at retail venues

The consultation stage is part of the most important aspects of every project we dowhen dealing with custom interactive experiences. We adhere to a most strict privacy policy. This is where loosely based thoughts and ideas gain traction and transform into concepts and strategies. It’s where we take the first steps toward creating something completely unique and awe-inspiring. Something that will pluck users from their current reality and take them on a journey to wherever you want them to go.

Please provide us a call today if you want to create a truly unique interactive experience for your customers, donors, visitors and members. The solution starts with our in-depth consultation. Let us help you educate your viewers, boost your sales, honor memories or help you raise money for your cause.

Lusens is a Global Leader in the creation and design of interactive immersive user experiences that engage and captivate audiences across a broad range of platforms. You can learn about our capabilities in lusens blog.

Imagine interactive displays, walls or tabletops that react to touch, specific gestures, body motion or even facial expressions. Now imagine these same interactive experiences, custom-designed with your branding and sales messages, which becomes a natural extension of the environment they’re placed in.

Interactive experiences have the capacity to engage, entertain, educate, drive sales and deliver maximum impact. With Lusens’ suite of amazing products, the only limit is your own imagination.

Sometimes, it takes elements from two different processes to create something truly spectacular and unique. Imagination and technology have been tied together for decades, but the emergence of the interactive digital experience and its swift evolution has taken the visualization and technology relationship to new heights.

The x-factor in this magical process is the humbling power of engagement to draw people in and make them part of the experience, which you can learn to harness with the power of Lusens!