Download Brochure of Lusens Interactive Experiences

Download Brochure of Lusens Interactive Experiences

Through an immersive interactive experience you can tell a story, educate, entertain, engage, inspire, involve, amaze and inform.

User interactivity and best user experiences are achieved by leveraging the use of the latest multi-touch, gesture and body motion sensing technology with content.

A Lusens interactive experience is designed when you want to inspire, engage, captivate, inform, entertain and/or inspire people.

Download this brochure and discover examples of  Lusens Interactive Experiences, Immersive Spaces and Technologies.

Find our how you can take advantage of the floor, wall, window or even the ceiling to create immersive experiences that are memorable. Learn about touch, body motion and gesture interactive systems which nowadays can be found in many venues.

Download this Lusens Interactive Experiences brochure and see some of Lusens systems and installations.



FORM: 5365

In the brochure you will see examples of previous installations  of donor recognition walls, large and small video walls, children centres, interactive floor solutions, wayfinders and many other interactive and immersive experiences that respond to touch, gestures and body motion. All these installations are based on our own technology developed since 2008. Lusens is a multi-disciplinary media and design company that delivers turnkey immersive and interactive multimedia experiences to customers world-wide. Among Lusens solutions, are our world-class interactive Donor Recognition Walls and Donor Recognition Displays, our body tracking system with artificial intelligence,  our spectacular immersive exhibitsinteractive floors that wow audiences, our hospital donor walls, our state of the art immersive technologies at hospitals and various other venues, systems to deliver virtual reality experiences and more. Our portfolio show multiple donor wall ideas and completed installations which are second to none. We also specialize in creating custom interactive video walls, displays, table tops, bar tops, windows and interactive floors that react to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions. We combine visual art with technology to deliver amazing interactive user experiences that are unforgettable, engaging and inspiring. Our interactive multimedia exhibits embrace users as no other media can – informing, involving, inspiring and impressing through the senses of touch, vision and sound.