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A digital Donor Walls make a difference.
When it comes to running a charity or a non-profit, a good digital donor wall will help you. Static donor walls have been around for a long, long time. A digital donor wall delivering an interactive multimedia experience is more engaging and memorable. The integration of newest technologies in your digital donor wall will make your display into a powerful tool to promote your nonprofit, and thank donors. A modern digital donor wall  will allow you to integrate social media and other technologies in your donor recognition wall. This way, any visitors who view your wall or browse through it can share it on their shared media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

Make your digital donor wall work for you.
If your non-profit is like most, your donors and volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization. Their extraordinary contributions of time, funds and resources are what allow you to fulfill your mission. For that reason, they deserve to be recognized in ways that are equally extraordinary.

We’re all familiar with traditional donor recognition walls: a series of individuals’ or companies’ names engraved on a wall in a hospital, university or other institution in recognition of their support. And while they must certainly appreciate the recognition, one wonders how meaningful such lists of names are to the average passer-by.
In many ways, it’s a missed opportunity. Wouldn’t it be great if you donor wall could engage that random person walking by, get them interested in how all those wonderful donors contributed and what your organization has accomplished as a result?