Download Charity Strategies Whitepaper

Download Charity Strategies Whitepaper

Download this whitepaper and learn new strategies to grow your charity or nonprofit organization. Learn how you can engage donors through digital channels and how to identify potential advocates. Learn how you can thank your donors for their generosity while telling your nonprofit story, vision and needs.

Download this white papers and you’ll learn how new technology can help you to:

  • Fuel a two-way dialogue between donors and non-profits making deeper connections
  • Thank your donors and inspire new potential donors
  • Build a personal legacy for your donors while helping their self-awareness and reputation
  • Download this white paper and learn how to steward one time donors into long term donors.
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    When dealing with fundraising, you must look into any strategy that brings results. By creating an immersive multimedia experience solely dedicated to tell your organization’s story via an interactive platform, you address the main issue which is straighten your capital campaign.

    Non profit shall consider charity strategies such as installing an interactive donor wall at their facilities. For years, many charitable organizations avoided the term ‘strategy’. There was a prevalent feeling charity strategies was not a nice word., that it was at best, something for the corporate sector or at worst, somehow dirty or manipulative. Times have changed and now a solid charity strategy is critical to achieve success and sustainability. Still, developing new marketing plans often presents challenges to non-profit and charitable organizations.
    Set Goals and Objectives shall be among the first of charity strategies.
    Before you prepare your charity strategies paper, your marketing plan, you have to be clear on exactly what it is you wish to achieve. If you find you have several competing goals, such as increasing the average gift amount from existing donors, expanding your donor base, getting more volunteers and informing the public about the work you do; you may need to break those up into several marketing plans with their own specific objectives. Unless you have the resources to tackle your charity strategies, all of them at once, it would probably be best to start with the highest priority. For many organizations, that objective is to increase revenues, particularly in uncertain economic times like these. So for our purposes today, we will work with that objective, but the tips presented here can be applied to marketing plans with different goals and objectives.Gaining an understanding your donors, as well as other persons and corporations that value philanthropy and may not be currently supporting you will be a key to your success. When you call existing donors to express your appreciation for their gift, ask them why they chose your organization. You can also take the opportunity to find out which method of recognition would be most meaningful to them, including some methods you may not currently be using.