Interactive Pathways

Interactive Pathways

Interactive Pathways or Way Finders are displays specially designed to assist customers or visitors at venues such as Hospitals, Universities, Airports, Museums, Shopping Malls and others, finding directions to their destinations as quickly and easily as possible.

At Lusens we design engaging and intuitive Interactive Pathways which are an engaging type of Digital Directories or Interactive Way-Finders that create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to your site and organization and providing them with the desire information in a timely and accurately. Lusens Interactive Way-Finding Solutions are also often used to provide visitors and guests with additional types of relevant information about your site such as promotions, time of operation, new programs, new events, advertising, coupons, emergency instructions and much more.

Interactive Pathways or WayFinders in high-traffic venues, not only guide people on their way, but also become a natural and integrated extension of the architectural environment, effectively communicating with the audience and giving the site an identity and branding.

Interactive Pathways enable the delivery of unique messages using a most intuitive, exciting and versatile interactive media platform that is simple to update and modify.  By providing a memorable customer experience ensures that the audience not only will explore the site by interacting with it, but has a most pleasant and engaging experience that will remember.

LUSENS Pathways and Way Finders enable the delivery of unique messages using a most insightful, exciting and functional multimedia environment that is easy to update and modify, while also creating opportunities for revenue generation through the introduction of advertising and sponsorships, where appropriate.

Providing your customers and clients with a positive memorable experience ensures that your visitors will not only explore your site by interacting with it, but will also enjoy a pleasant and engaging experience that they will remember and willing to share with others.

Lusens offers custom interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosk solutions that create an unmatched branded wayfinding experience for your facility by presenting interactive maps and routes showing your visitors the way to their destination, browsing directories for specific departments, locations, attractions and amenities, and a powerful opportunity for delivering other relevant information.


Lusens in-house development team, wayfinding experts, IT specialists, and industrial designers, create, design, develop and install Digital Wayfinding solutions that are customized for customer’ specific needs. At Lusens we employ rapid prototyping and user testing to launch your Digital Interactive Wayfinder quickly and reliably. Our unparalleled and responsive support ensures maximum uptime performance.Lusens Interactive Wayfinder

Digital Wayfinding and Interactive Pathways solutions from Lusens are robust, easy to maintain, and adaptable to your facility’s evolving needs. At Lusens, we know wayfinding. Our team has developed highly effective systems for major retail and hospitality worldwide, always based on our expertise in helping users understand and navigate their surroundings. Our Digital Wayfinding goes beyond signage, leveraging your customers’ precise location to deliver customized point-to-point directions, taking the stress out of navigating large and complex sites.

Research shows that Interactive Wayfinders and Digital Wayfinding in general increase customers’ satisfaction, promote longer stays at the venue, and encourage repeat visits.

With Lusens Digital and Interactive Pathways and Wayfinders your customers may never be lost again. They will deliver quantitative and qualitative data while decreasing your cost associated with printing materials and manual processes, generating new revenue opportunities, portraying a modernized brand experience while providing your customers with access to timely and relevant information and encouraging product interaction.

How to Create a Successful Interactive Pathway Way-Finders Display for your Venue is not trivial. Lusens Way-Finding systems create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and institutional meeting spaces in a timely, intuitive and informative manner.

Integrating state of the art touch and gesture technology, Lusens creates successful Way-Finders not only guide people on their way, but also become a natural and integrated extension of the architectural environment, effectively communicating with your audience and enhancing your site’s identity and branding.

Successful Way-Finders enable the delivery of unique messages using a robust, exciting and versatile interactive media platform that’s easy to update and modify. By providing a memorable visitor experience, you ensure that your guests will not only discover your site through interaction with it, but that the experience will translate into positive, engaging memories that they’ll share with friends, family and future visitors.

The design of a successful way finder requires the work of experts in user interface, 2d/3d way finding programming, creative and graphic design, software development, hardware designer and project management.

During the early stages of the project, Lusens reach an agreement with the customer regarding the scope of the project based on requirements and budget. At this stage, we advise the customer of the expected costs and time frames, which will later be outlined in a formal proposal. Prior to commencing the design of a Digital Way-Finder, we gather data about the site and specifically its physical design, mapping, points of interest, entry points, etc., as well as about the specific requirements of a Content Management System, which become an integral part of Wayfinders since it allows the administrator to update the system as needed.

Based on the site’s data, the design team will begin designing a customized experience that answers all the technical requirements specified in the previous steps and which blend with the site’s physical environment. This process is fluid and its success depends a great deal on steady communication between the developers and customers. At this stage, design decisions such as the use of 2D or 3D mapping, search engines, and other features are done.

After the customer and design team agrees on the detailed design plan, it’s time to start coding. It is at this stage that programmers and graphic designers begin creating the software and the content of the final experience. Once the system is designed it’s time to implement a comprehensive quality control program to make sure that all functions work well under various conditions.

The advantages of Touch Interactive Way Finding experience over a static directory is that is more engaging, gets people’s attention, is easier to update therefore the information is kept up-to-date, and is multipurpose.

Lusens Interactive WayFinders provide visitors with an immersive experience that’s informative, engaging and memorable by displaying maps and routes using a variety of methods including the traditional 2D map, a 3D walk through, turn by turn directions, and more, highlighting your university, museum, hospital or shopping mall’s branding.

With Lusens Digital Wayfinding Kiosks your visitors and customers will never be lost again and your organization’s update and maintenance cost will decrease significantly. All this while portraying to your visitors a modernized brand experience and providing them access to timely and relevant information.