Interactive User Experiences

Interactive User Experiences

Interactive user experiences engage, entertain and inform audiences. Research indicates that interactive experiences are significantly more effective and memorable than non-interactive alternatives. At Lusens we design interactive experiences and interactive systems that blend with customer’s site environment, combining an enveloping sculptural with a powerful multimedia user experience that engages and inspires the audience and leaves a lasting impression.


Consumers have shown a growing preference for the multi-touch, gestural interface and user experience pioneered by the iPhone® but thus far have been limited to smaller hand-held devices. At Lusens we extended this trend and now we can successfully engage consumers using much larger mediums such as interactive floors, windows, walls, and tables. Based on our technology, we now offer a wide range of innovative applications for clients in a variety of industry verticals and disciplines. Each of our products enables the delivery of unique messages using intuitive, exciting and versatile interactive media platforms providing a memorable customer experience ensuring customers not only see the message but also will more likely respond to it.




Lusens state-of-the-art interactive user experience and technology transforms a regular floor, window, table, kiosk or wall into Interactive Floor Systems, Touch Interactive Windows, Multi-Touch Tables, Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks, large and impressive Hospital Donor Recognition Walls or University Donor Walls. Our interactive donors recognition can be found at nonprofits around North America. You can download a whitepaper discussing donor walls, here.

immersive spaces

Using our proprietary technology, we deliver solutions that react to users body motion, touch and gestures resulting in an unforgettable user experience that is informative, engaging and entertaining at once.

As digital advertising continues to proliferate, business owners are under an increasing pressure to offer their customers a differentiated solution that can guarantee a return on investment (ROI). For this medium, Lusens designs user experiences that are intuitive, impressive and captivating that, while engaging the user, it provides you quantifiable marketing data and metrics to learn about its efficiency.


Lusens design immersive experiences that WOW users. For the purpose of designing custom interactive experiences, Lusens multidisciplinary team which includes specialists in
experiential branding along with engineers, programmers, designers and creative designers works closely with our customers to understand its goals and the site’s environment.


Lusens interactive experiences are designed so they integrate seamlessly with customer’s architecture and branding, incorporating touch, gesture, motion capture and other technologies in a way that results on an exciting, immersive environment that captures the imagination, excites and inspires while blending with the environment.


As stated above, research indicates that when used for advertising purposes and brand recognition, touch and gesture interactive displays are much more engaging, effective and memorable than static displays which is the main reason why more and more digital interactive displays, kiosks, walls, floors and even windows are found nowadays in high-traffic venues.


Lusens custom interactive multimedia experiences, such as including the Interactive Wall Displays, Interactive Floor Systems, University Donor Recognition Walls, Hospital Donor Recognition Displays, and Interactive Wayfinders as well as Multi-Touch Tables, Interactive Bar Tables and others can be found at Universities, Hospitals, Museums, Airports, Retail, Hospitals, Bars and Clubs in many countries world-wide.