Lusens Business Partners

Business Partners

The company has exclusive Lusens business partners in the USA and Canada as well as Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, Fyrom, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Panama, Romania, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

As well, Lusens has showrooms in the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Kenya, Qatar, Russia, Spain and Turkey.

LUSENS is a multi-disciplinary media and design firm that excels at developing outstanding interactive experiences that entertain, drive sales, engage people and deliver impact. Through business partners,  the company specializes in the creation of custom solutions that respond to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions. Lusens team comprises of engineers, programmers, animators, computer vision experts, game developers, modellers and other experts deliver custom designed interactive user experiences that make an impact. With access to leading edge technology and vast libraries of 3D models of characters, avatars and scenery as well as huge databases of body and facial movements, our team can design complex user experiences quickly and economically. LUSENS project experience spans the globe. Along with partners Lusens installed Interactive Floors, Interactive Walls, Multitouch Tables,Interactive Window experiences, Interactive Bar-Top Tables, Donor Recognition Walls, Interactive Way Finders and many other custom interactive experiences in dozen of countries. LUSENS reputation for innovation and service is unsurpassed, and we’re confident that we can create a custom solution that will elevate your user experience to new levels.