Children’s Hospital Video Wall

Most of us have read the faces of children playing computer games, immersed in virtual worlds and enjoying a multi-sensorial digital experience. Hospital video walls can do just that. We see these face every time they play on their computers, video consoles or mobile devices.

Now imagine children playing at a children hospital video wall, using their bodies, gestures and expressions while immersing into imaginary worlds where they can interact with funny animals, walk in space, swim underwater among sharks, fly aircrafts and much more . Experiences of this kind when properly designed, not only will encourage body movement, but also have a therapeutical value calming children and taking them away from their daily worries, preoccupation and anxieties typical of children that visit hospitals.

For that simple reason, nowadays, more and more children hospitals and clinics are considering installing at their facilities immersive experiences that engage, inspire, calm, and have a positive effect on pediatric patients and their parents.

Lusens gesture-based children’s hospital video wall experiences are specially designed to deal with children who may be treated in a hospital therefore under pressure, stressful and in most cases, scary. Utilizing multiple depth cameras that track the movements, gestures and expressions, Lusens interactive walls let children explore jungles, interact with animals and much more, forgetting their everyday worries.

In this video some of the wonderful worlds Lusens have designed and created specially for children hospital video walls as well as for pediatric departments at general hospitals.

These experiences are interactive, inspirational and educational and using the wall and potentially the floor, can immerse children and parents in colorful imaginary worlds that are engaging, yet pleasant,and serene delivering a pleasant positive experience for their healthcare visit.