Donor Displays

Honour your Donors with Donor Displays

Many charitable organizations and other non-profits are only able to exist because of the generosity of their donors. Interactive Donor Displays enable to honor past and present donors, create historical time-lines and highlight organizational milestones. With our easy-to-use Lusens content management system you can modify and update display content quickly, so your donor display is always up to date.

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Why Lusens Donor Displays?

Lusens Donor Displays create an immersive user experience that engages donors and supporters, involving them in your mission, inviting their participation and encouraging their involvement.

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Captivate Audiences

Lusens donor walls engage your visitors and encourage interaction with unique experiences.

Increase Donations

Showcase your cause to attract new donations. You can accept them right on the spot.

Recognize Donors

Your donors deserve recognition. They will be proud to be listed on your wall.

Go Social

Connect your donor wall to social media to allow visitors to share and spread your message.

Recognize Your Donors

Give your donors the recognition they deserve. Lusens Interactive Donor Displayss thank donors and supporters, share their stories and inspire your audience. We create donor displays that are custom designed for your organization’s unique environment, message and branding.

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