Interactive BarTop Displays

Eye-Popping Interactive BarTop Displays.

<p “>Imagine a night out at a bar or club where the bar-top now comes to life with interactive effects, games or even sports scores and highlights. Interactive bar-top displays take the entertainment factor to a new level by capturing your patrons’ imagination and offering custom branded content which can allow you to boost your sales.
Entertain, amaze and monetize your audiences! Wow your customers and patrons with Lusens’ engaging and entertaining Interactive Bar-Top Displays.

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Lusens International Multitouch Services lets people “Enjoy the Difference” by delivering innovative multi-touch hardware and software solutions to a wide range of industries. Our client portfolio varies from small business corporations to bars, restaurants and club owners. In today’s fast-changing digital world, the way we interact with machines has evolved to more natural user interfaces based on touch, body motion, gestures and facial expressions. Touch, multi-touch and gesture technologies allow people to interact with digital content in a more natural, intuitive and efficient way while generating the most engaging and memorable user experience possible.

The imagination aspect of an immersive interactive experience is integral to its success, but it is the technology that truly makes it what it is. It is the technology that enables a creative team to work their magic and make that critical connection to the end user in a variety of ways. Lusens Bar-Top Tables implement state-of-the-art touch and gesture technologies that deliver a memorable experience to the end user.