Interactive Floor Systems

Interactive Floor Systems – All-In-One Convertible

Lusens Interactive Floor Systems uses an all-in-one convertible, a compact system that delivers immersive, seamless, and irresistible interactive experiences not only on floors, but also on walls or windows if desired. WOW your audience with an interactive floor experience using our small and impressive, plug & play portable system that is fully programmable and delivers the industries most immersive floor projection experience. The same system, can be utilized to create an Interactive Wall or Interactive Window.
Promote your message and astound the masses at private events or ad-networks, with up to a 150 inches of crystal clear imagery! Create and Monetize the most amazing interactive effects on any floor space, walls or windows with Lusens Convertible which reacts to body motion and gestures.

Take your message to a new level of performance and results with LUSENS Interactive Floor Systems using the portable plug and play convertible. The system includes a bright, high resolution projector, a powerful computer and the motion and gesture sensors that will allow you to deliver the most amazing interactive multimedia experiences. Lusens Convertible has been designed with a lot of portability and easy-to-use features in mind. The system is light and robust and is simple to transport, or even take with you on an airplane. Its software interface is intuitive and quick to use with its programmability and vast gallery of effects enabling you to create custom experiences in a matter of minutes.

Immersive & Interactive Floor System

Lusens Convertible is small and portable. As well:

  • Ideal for Motion Interactive Floors, Windows and Walls
  • Large HD display (around 140 inch maximum)
  • Comes with a special travel casing
  • Driven by powerful PC with communication gear
  • Easy to update and customize
small_FLOOR__GUATEMALA IMG_0976 copy

Designed by Experts

Lusens Convertible was designed by a team comprises of experts in the following disciplines:

  • User Experience/User Interaction
  • Creative Arts and Graphic Design
  • Touch and Gesture Technology
  • Systems Design and Programming