Interactive Floor Experiences

Create Wonder With Interactive Floors.

Have you seen a person’s face when the floor beneath their feet suddenly comes to life with vibrant colors, movement and sound? It’s best described as a look of wonder that quickly turns to excitement as they realize the floor is responding to their movements and gestures. Lusens interactive floors create a unique opportunity to get visitors to interact with your branded content or sales message.
Lusens deliver Interactive Floors Experiences that create an immersive environment that engages the audience while delivering a message and advertising a brand.

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Wow Your Audiences.

Interactive multimedia in general, and Interactive floor systems embrace users as no other media can – they entertain, amaze, inform, involve, inspire and impress through senses of touch, vision and sound.

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Lusens Interactive Floors

Immersive Experiences.

Lusens designs and builds custom Interactive Floor Experiences that:

  • Responds to body motion and gestures
  • Deliver an immersive multisensorial experience
  • Blend with your branded environment
  •  Are easy to update and customize to your criteria
  •  Are easy to monetize or create a call-to-action for viewers
Interactive Floors Movie

By Experts in Interactivity

Lusens development team is comprised of experts in the following disciplines:

  • User Experience/User Interaction
  • Creative Arts and Graphic Designing
  • Touch and Gesture Technology
  • Systems Design and Programming

If you are interested in learning how you can engage, amaze and inform your audience using interactive technologies and systems such as Multitouch TablesInteractive FloorsInteractive WallsInteractive Bar-Top TablesDonor Recognition DisplaysWay-Finder Kiosks, Interactive Touch and Gesture Experiences, Immersive ExperiencesCustom Designed Exhibit or Game, contact LUSENS and get a FREE catalogue and one on one consulting.