Interactive Systems for Senior Homes

Interactive Systems for Senior Homes

Lusens offers Retirement and Senior Homes, wall mounted or free-standing interactive systems that allows seniors practice physical as well as mental exercises. These exercises are guided by an intelligent avatar that through a multi-language dialogue with the senior, provides guidance as well as corrective feedback, and encouragement while checking and measuring the senior’s body poses, movements and more. .

Besides the physical exercises, the system also offers the senior a number of games some focused in coordination, others in memory and cognition. Lusens interactive systems can be found at Hospitals, Clinics, Senior Homes, Universities, Colleges and many other venues. Its proprietary and award winning body pose and motion technology is unique as it provides corrective feedback based in the exact body movements.

Immersive & Interactive System for Senior Homes

Lusens is an expert in the creation of interactive and immersive experiences to hospitals, clinics, senior and retirement homes and many other venues.

  • Wall mounted, free standing displays or interactive floors
  • Our body pose and motion technology is proprietary and patented
  • Intelligent avatars driven by AI algorithms
  • Systems are all inclusive

Designed by Experts

Lusens Convertible was designed by a team comprises of experts in the following disciplines:

  • User Experience/User Interaction
  • Creative Arts and Graphic Design
  • Touch and Gesture Technology
  • Systems Design and Programming