Interactive Wall Experiences

Interactive Wall Experiences Excite Viewers Of All Kinds.

Convert your wall into an interactive multi-media display that responds to touch or body motion. Deliver unique messages on walls using body motion and gestures that interact with multi-media content in an engaging, entertaining, intuitive and exciting manner. Our Interactive Wall experiences are customizable, easy-to-update and modify, and can enable you to create a unique offer or monetize the wall. Our customers can introduce concepts of either advertising or sponsorships to make use of our products a success.

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Let’s Build Your Ultimate Interactive Wall Experience.

Excite. Engage. Inspire. The possibilities are endless with a Lusens Interactive Wall. Capture the attention of your audience through a unique branded experience.


Immersive Walls Are Here.

Create an immersive environment that captures people’s imagination as it excites, engages and inspires all with stunning visuals and effects. Enjoy a proven solution which:

  • Reacts to body motion and gestures
  • Supports various image formats including HD
  • Is powered by an easy-to-use Lusens software suite
  • Includes powerful editor, playlist and scheduler
  •  Walls come equipped with a large gallery of effects

Immersive & Interactive Display Technology.

Lusens designs and builds custom Interactive Wall Experiences that:

  • Amaze, engage, excite and inspire your audience in a variety of ways
  • Responds to touch, gesture and body motions
  • Delivers an immersive multi-sensorial experience
  • Blends with your setup or surrounding environment
  • Is easy-to-update and customize to your criteria
  • Can be used for multiple purposes including entertainment or purely professional
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Leading-Edge Technology.

Among key features of Lusens Interactive Wall technology:

  • Supports custom sizes and shapes
  • Reacts to touch and gesture
  •  Fully programmable
  • Advanced playlist and scheduler
  • Editable effects