MultiTouch Tables

MultiTouch Tables

Lusens MultiTouch Tables deliver immersive, seamless, and irresistible interactive experiences.

With their smooth surface and vivid display, our multitouch tables are a compelling addition to any branded space or venue. Transform your customer experience and connect users with menus, reviews and personalized service at their fingertips. Customers can discover a new product and place an order right on the spot. Multitouch tables bring people together in a cool fun and interactive way.

Multitouch tables are much more than an display on a fixture. They are systems designed, from top to bottom, to engage, inform, entertain, communicate and connect through an interactive multimedia experience. They are systems based on an unique software platform that ensures user engagement and is flexible to accommodate all kind of software applications.

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Immersive & Interactive.

Lusens designs and builds custom Multi-Touch Tables that:

  • Amaze, engage, excite and inspire your audience
  • Respond to finger touch and gestures as well as to objects
  • Deliver an immersive multisensorial experience
  • Blend with your environment
  • Are easy to update and customize
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
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Designed by Experts

Lusens team comprises of experts in the following disciplines:

  • User Experience/User Interaction
  • Creative Arts and Graphic Designing
  • Touch and Gesture Technology
  • Systems Design and Programming