Immersive Spaces at Sport Venues

Immersive Spaces at Sport Venues

Along with our partner, Acid Integrations, we designed, created and built an Interactive Fan Appreciation Wall as well as a Season Ticket Members Recognition Wall at Sport venues. This video shows a most recent installation at the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Arena.

Our combined, Lusens+Acid team consisting of designers, fabricators, programmers, and installers completed this spectacular project in record time, in order to be ready for the Season Opening Night at their arena.

The exhibit consisted in three main components: (1) A Season Ticket Members Recognition Wall with thousands of names inscribed in a black wall with white LED backlight, (2) a Fan Appreciation Wall with two interactive, multi screen video walls where, in the first one, both, fan and season ticket members can take a picture in a custom environment as background, a picture which is automatically uploaded to a custom microsite our team developed, that,  pushed it to become a single pixel of the Oklahoma City Thunder logo displayed in the second large multi screen video wall.

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Custom Designed Children Centers

Along with our partner Acid Integration, we design and build immersive spaces and children centers specially aimed for children, at hotels, hospitals, clubs and other venues, using state-of-the-art touch, body motion and gesture interactive technologies. Our children spaces allow kids immerse in a virtual world, that is joyful and educational at once. Typically, our children spaces includes a number of computers and displays, connected in a network, which are driven by body motion, touch and gesture sensors.

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Working with Architects and Designers

Working closely with architects and designers, our team creates immersive, digital and interactive spaces that blends with the environment. Integrating state of the art audio and visual technologies, our user experience experts convert a regular space into an engaging and inspiring one that mesmerize audiences.

Captivate Audiences

Lusens donor walls engage your visitors and encourage interaction with unique experiences.

Increase Donations

Showcase your cause to attract new donations. You can accept them right on the spot.

Recognize Donors

Your donors deserve recognition. They will be proud to be listed on your wall.

Go Social

Connect your donor wall to social media to allow visitors to share and spread your message.

Amaze your Visitors with an Immersive Experience

Amaze and mesmerize your visitors with an immersive, multimedia, multi-sensorial experience. Enrich your venue and advance your branding by installing immersive exhibits that entertain, inspire, engage and are highly memorable.  At Lusens we create immersive experiences that are custom designed for your organization’s unique environment, messaging and branding.

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