Lusens Interactive Experiences


We Custom Design Donor Walls and Create other Captivating and Engaging Interactive Experiences and Children Centers

At Lusens we design digital donor walls, donor displays, wayfinders, children centers, and other touch and gesture interactive experiences. Combining technology with art, we deliver captivating effects and experiences for our customer’s vision and specific messaging. Clients are amazed at how our products bring their business to a new level of performance and results. Lusens custom interactive digital donor walls, video walls and other experiences resonate with customer’s audience with more impact, producing greater results and achieve the communications objectives. The Children Centers now installed at at hospitals, Lusens immersive experiences integrate seamlessly with your current environment or space, incorporating your architecture or branding and blending it perfectly with the targeted culture and community.

Lusens interactive floors, donor recognition displays, immersive experiences, interactive experiences, interactive bartop tables, video walls, interactive table tops, multitouch tables, children centres, and others are second to none.

Our custom designed gesture driven games, interactive wayfinders, children spaces, interactive windows, and other interactive technologies, can be found at shopping malls, hospitals, corporate buildings, and other venues.

Our LED video walls,based in high-resolution led displays, as well as our LCD video walls, based in video-wall quality LCD displays, all driven by our custom software, amaze and mesmerize people!

Lusens virtual reality applications as well as augmented reality software create experiences that are memorable  and   engaging.


digital donor walls

Our donor walls are interactive. Digital donor walls are more effective than static donor displays. They engage, impress and inspire.Multimedia, Digital donor walls include a content management system. Hospitals and Universities now install digital donor walls as they are less expensive to maintain. A successful Donor Recognition wall or display is one that gets people’s attention, inspire your visitors, and most important, thank your generous donors. Digital Donor Recognition Display is a departure from the typical static donor wall many of your constituents may be familiar with, so communicating the benefits of touch screen or self cycling multimedia is important.



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