Digital Donor Recognition Walls

Lusens designs, build and supports digital Interactive Donor Recognition Walls. Our work can be found at some of North America's largest Universities, Hospitals, Museums, and other non-profit organizations.

Engage and Inspire with a Digital, Interactive Donor Recognition Wall

Donor Recognition Walls are the best way to thank your donors for contributing to your organization while inspiring your audiences. 

Until a few years ago, most non-profit organizations used plaques as the only form to recognize and thank their donors. 

Nowadays, more and more organizations are learning the multiple advantages of Interactive Donor Recognition Walls that are engaging, eye-catching, and deliver a memorable user experience. Moreover, through an interactive multi-media experience, your donors and audiences at large can learn about your organization’s history, vision, mission, and needs while thanking your donors and inspiring new potential donors. 

Lusens designs Donor and Alumni Recognition Walls with an online content management tool that allows your team to maintain its content up-to-date.

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