Someone, either an individual or an organization, has donated significantly to your organization. What can you do to express your gratitude to this person or organization? Inspire them to make another contribution, and encourage others to be generous. Using a recognition wall solution to manage digital donor boards and donor walls is a great idea.

Already, you thank contributors by sending them a letter. A receipt after receiving a donation (so they may claim it on their taxes). Many buildings feature a donor wall with brass plaques. However, computerized donor boards that allow interaction opens up a world of new possibilities.

Using a digital donor wall, you may dynamically and attractively display donor information. Instead of just having a bunch of plaques on the wall. Everyone in the building will have access to in-depth documentation. You don’t have to worry about filling up a wall with future donors’ names since you already have plenty. The following are some ways in which a donor recognition wall can help showcase your work:

What is Donor Recognition Wall?

Digital donor recognition walls are interactive touchscreen displays that feature photos and details about contributors. It’s a wonderful way to thank and recognize donors who have supported your organization. A digital donor appreciation wall may be used to thank donors personally, and show their photos. Even provide exclusive offers and prizes. It’s a great way to increase donor involvement and give your donors a sense of worth.

Lusens specializes in donor recognition wall programs. Provides you with various indoor and outdoor displays to suit your needs and budget. With the right technology and content management system, you can create unique donor experiences that interest and thrill them.


With the use of touchscreens, a staggering quantity of data may be made available to users. Give details about your donors’ motivations and backgrounds as well as the amounts they gave. Visuals like photos and movies add visual appeal. While web links and QR codes make it easy to reach their websites quickly.

A more in-depth account of the impact of your contributors. Have had via your organization’s efforts may be conveyed using such a data-rich medium than could be possible with a few bullet points.

Before assembling your donor board, you should collect all the necessary data in advance so that your project doesn’t stop while you wait for individuals to respond. Also, consider the many ways in which your contributors may be sorted and displayed (e.g., by name, by category, by gift amount, etc.) in your interactive menus.


Including messages in your digital signage playlists telling people how they can donate, what some of your fundraising goals are, and about yearly giving campaigns is a great way to increase your donations further and inspire others to give as well.

It’s been proven that contributors who feel appreciated by a donor board are more inclined to contribute again to that organization. Furthermore, by highlighting your contributors, you will inspire additional individuals and groups to make donations.


Donor interactive boards are often designed from the ground up to fit the specific needs of each institution. There’s no need to keep paying outside design costs either, as an inside staff member can quickly update donor information. Adding new donors or extra donations is simple if your donor data is stored in a database that can easily communicate with your digital signage system.

To avoid the need for touchscreens, a donor board might consist of a digital signage arrangement with just two content zones: one for the gift details and the other for a photo or video of the contributors. Most digital signage solutions also include website publishing, so you could use your digital signage playlist to power a donation spotlight on your website.

Displays in various parts of a healthcare institution can share data with one another so that all of them contain the same information. Because of this, your entire business will have a consistent look and feel. The need for several donor walls disappears since this system handles all of your fundraising needs.

By strategically deploying a recognition wall, you may compile a detailed list of contributors, including their names, amounts, donation targets, and participation details. Then, you’ll have a fresh, stylish, and up-to-date method of showing appreciation to your donors and inspiring them to give more.

Bottom Line

Now that it is operational and up to date, you should evaluate the impact your digital donor recognition wall will have on your donor engagement and stewardship initiatives. One approach is to keep track of how many people come in and how long they stay staring at the wall. Due to the popularity of your wall, you can keep track of how many donations were made.

By tallying the shares and comments made on the wall, you can also determine how effective it has been at raising awareness of your cause and motivating others to take action. Once you have the correct information in hand, you can determine how to improve and optimize the effect of your digital donor recognition walls.