capital campaigns

Planning a Capital Campaign

Raising capital is increasingly becoming a difficult task in today’s world, and especially when it is related to non-profit organizations. Developing and implementing Nonprofit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving a great deal of planning, marketing and communications skills to make sure you reach qualified prospective donors, and involve stakeholders with a vested interest[…]

Fund Raising Ideas

Fund Raising Ideas -Being a Part of Humanity It is very important to understand firstly what fund raising is and what objective it serves, before we dwell into describing the beneficial and tried fund raising ideas. It refers to collecting money for a specific cause or reason, mostly for some social cause and charity. It[…]

Approaches To Naming Opportunities For Your Charity

Approaches To Naming Opportunities For Your Charity Naming opportunities have increasingly become an expectation from major donors, so a comprehensive plan and policy surrounding these is critical to any organization offering such recognition. If your charity has been approaching naming opportunities on an ad-hoc basis as large gifts come in, you may be missing other[…]