Tips To Ensure a Successful Digital Donor Recognition Display

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Lusens Interactive Donor Wall

Tips To Ensure a Successful Digital Donor Recognition Display

Installing a Successful Digital Donor Recognition Display requires careful planning, not just to ensure that the project meets all your budgetary and timeline objectives, but also be certain that it remains a relevant and engaging destination at your organization for years to come. This post deals with Tips To Ensure a Successful Donor Recognition Display! Using the following important points… Read more →

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8 Tips for Creating an Effective Donor Recognition Wall

Here are a few tips for creating an Effective Donor Recognition Wall: Frequently we find ourselves disappointed with a product or service we’ve received because we either didn’t ask for precisely what we wanted, or we weren’t quite sure what to ask for an effective Donor Recognition Wall RFP. If the item at issue is a $50 recognition plaque, it’s frustrating but… Read more →

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NonProfit Capital Campaigns with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Developing and implementing a NonProfit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving significant marketing and communications to ensure you reach prospective donors, involved stakeholders and all others with a vested interest in your success. However, a challenge faced by many Capital Campaign directors is how to effectively promote the campaign and recognize supporters before the new facility is constructed and… Read more →