Hospital Wayfinders: More Than Directories & Maps

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5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders

5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders For Maximum Engagement Install Wayfinders to guide and inform people while branding and advertising your products and services. As the name suggests, an interactive wayfinder is a device that is designed to help people find their way. An interactive wayfinder utilizes digital touch screen technology to create a user experience that is engaging and… Read more →

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Finding your Way with Digital Wayfinders is now Easier

Finding You Way with Digital WayFinders is now easier as a result of latest technology developments. Integrating state of the art touch and touch-less (gesture) technologies, interactive way finding systems or Way Finders in short) create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and meeting spaces in a timely, informative manner.… Read more →