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Interactive Floor and Wall Systems in Mall

Projection Floors WOW Audiences

Five Ways to Use an Interactive Projection Floors that Will “Wow” Users There’s something about having an interactive floor beneath your feet come to life with sound, movement and vibrant colours that has the ability to take you from your current reality to a completely different world. The concept of interactive projection floors has been around for quite a number of… Read more →

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A Portable Unit that Delivers an Immersive Experience

If you are interested in creating a WOW immersive experience in a floor, wall, window, you should consider Lusens All-in-One Convertible Unit, that is programmable, portable, plug and play, and very easy to customize and operate system. Lusens All-in-One system is a small, compact, portable, light, turnkey unit that can project an interactive and immersive experience larger than 130 inch diagonal, on any flat… Read more →

Interactive Floor and Wall Systems in Mall

How Interactive Wall Systems Work

You may wonder how Interactive Wall Systems Work. The way we use to interact with machines his changing. Input devices like keyboards, joysticks and mouses are becoming things of the past. More intuitive user interface based on touch and gesture technology is replacing older technologies and… is here to stay!. Some ask “How Interactive Floor and Wall Systems Work?” Touch,… Read more →

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5 Tips to Design Effective Interactive Experiences

Technology allows us now to convert existing surfaces such as floors and walls into multimedia displays that reacts to people’s movements and touch, or what is known as Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall displays. To create engaging Interactive Floor and Wall Experiences we need a projector, which projects a large high-definition image on the floor, window or wall surface, a computer,… Read more →