Acknowledge your Donors with Donor Wall

Even a small gesture of appreciation is liked and loved by all. To retain and create strong ties with your existing and Acknowledge your donors for their support and attract other potential donors for future events by showing them love and appreciation with a custom digital donor wall that is carefully and artistically designed.

Incentivize Your Donors With a Digital Donor Wall

Moving from the static, conventional, and boring styles to the modern and latest trend of appreciation that are dynamic, interactive, and focused is a wise way to improve your presence and brand image. Honoring  your donors with a digital interactive donor wall is the best way to invest your money. Digital donor wall increase audience engagement and refine the customer experience by telling your organization’s story, needs, vision and mission. Although there are several ways to thank your donors for their help, a public appreciation makes a huge difference. You can also create an entirely different virtual donor wall from your physical or digital donor wall making them more interactive and meaningful.

Replacing plaques and static donor recognition to digital interactive  donor walls is becoming a trend and more and more organizations realize that they improve capital campaigns and inspire new donors.  It not only benefits the organization, but all the process is fun and exploring. Today we see innovation in almost every field, so why not put in some effort for something that is worth spending time and money in the long run?  Regardless of your organization’s size, these strategies work for almost everyone. Lusens interactive donor walls can be found at many of the largest universities, colleges, hospitals, clinics, museums and other non for profit organizations.

Importance Of Digital Recognition Displays

Digital recognition Display are a distinctive way of appreciating and recognizing your employees, donors, alumni and others. A digital, multimedia wall display states a lot about the company; it defines its mission, vision, goals, and milestones. Moreover, these digital walls can be used to acknowledge staff, volunteers, and star achievers other than donors. Seeing one’s name displayed and being the center of attraction boosts their morale and gives them a sense of pride, which makes them work more for and towards betterment.

Organizations must understand that inadequate recognition leads to discouragement, and sometimes donors even get offended when their participation goes unnoticed. Intelligently choose the strategies to thank your donors, which is the key to keep rolling the ball of donor stewardship. It is human nature that when we are rewarded for our good actions and deeds, we are naturally inclined towards that more. Similarly, when your donors feel they are remembered and recognized for their good deeds, they feel valued and trust the company. Consider the digital donor wall displays as a crucial project for your company or organization and plan it out properly; keep in mind that minor details, such as an inch of difference, can change the whole system. All you need is the trust and loyalty of your donors for a better and more successful business’s future.

Children Games and
Immersive Children Centers

At the core of every successful immersive interactive experience is a story. The second a children reach out and engage with an interactive media, the story begins.

From there, you have the ability to take them on a journey of sight and sound that gets their heart racing, piques their curiosity or tugs at their heart strings. And throughout your story, the power of engagement remains, guiding the children wherever you want to take them. At Lusens we design interactive experiences that inspire, engage, inform and captivate.

Wall of Fame, Employee & Alumni Recognition Walls

Lusens multi-disciplinary team specializes in creating, designing and building custom interactive exhibits that engage, inform, entertain, amaze and mesmerize.

Among the various kind of experiences installed globally, we have designed many Wall of Fame walls to honour those outstanding is sport. Our Employees Recognition Walls are used by corporations interested in honouring the best employees and our Alumni Recognition Walls are found in universities, colleges and schools, honouring past students who excel.

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