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Donor Recognition Walls

Interactive donor recognition walls are the perfect way to thank donors and inspire new ones. You can find a Lusens Digital Donor Wall with multiple wall screens, in many hospitals, universities, schools, museums and other non-profit organizations. Our Hospital Donor Recognition Walls, and University Donor Recognition Walls can be found at many among the largest Hospitals, Universities and colleges in North America. These donor recognition walls, which are a special kind of video walls are unique as they get people’s attention while telling your story, your  mission and your vision in a way that no static display can. Lusens team is at the forefront of the user experience industry, leading the way with mesmerizing experiences that take people’s mind to places its never been before. Our digital walls transform spaces. We know how to engage, entertain and inform. Our video wall systems and interactive windows bring life to spaces. We know how to augment reality. We know how to create virtual worlds. We know how to engage, inspire, inform, entertain and make experiences, unforgettable. We design and create interactive wall experiences and especially, donor recognition displays of all sizes. Our multi-screen video walls and specially our interactive donor recognition displays, wow and mesmerize visitors. Using wall mounted displays, an installed wall of recognition blends with the environment. To learn more press here.

Immersive Spaces

Along with its partner, Acid Integrations, and, at times in cooperation with top architectural firms, Lusens designs and creates immersive exhibits, immersive spaces and responsive environments for customers in the retail, hospitality and many other industries. Our designs consisting of video wall displays, interactive floor displays, multitouch tables, interactive wayfinders, interactive bartop tables and other kinds of interactive experiences and surfaces, bring spaces to life, enabling inspiration and creativity at once. Our immersive spaces and, in general, immersive user experiences combine digital technologies that allow users of all ages and abilities interact and engage in a memorable experience. In this video you can see an Interactive Fan Appreciation and a Season Ticket Members Recognition Wall created, designers and installed by the Lusens+Acid team, at the Oklahoma City Thunder Arena.

Immersive Children Centers

At the core of every successful immersive interactive experience is a story. The second a children reaches out and engages with an interactive media, the story begins. Nowadays, children spaces and other kinds of immersive environments such as children’s displays at hospitals and other venues, as well as other children experiences such as interactive floor systems, and interactive wall experiences at large, are becoming more and more popular, since they engage and immerse the children into a world of fantasy.
From there, you have the ability to take them on a journey of sight and sound that gets their heart racing, piques their curiosity or tugs at their heart strings. And throughout your story, the power of engagement remains, guiding the children wherever you want to take them. At Lusens we design interactive experiences that inspire, engage, inform and captivate.

Physical & Cognition Exercises

Leveraging its award winning technology combining artificial intelligence, touch, body motion and gesture interactivity and real-time avatar generation, Lusens offers clinics, hospitals and senior/retirement homes, an immersive and interactive system that encourages users to do physical as well as cognition exercises.

Interactive Experiences to Brighten Your World

As the barrier between fantasy and reality continues to blur, Lusens will continue to be at the forefront of the industry, leading the way with mesmerizing experiences that take the mind to places its never been before. We know how to create multi-sensorial experiences. We know how to create engagement. We know how to inspire, inform and also entertain. We know how to design interactive experiences that are unforgettable. To learn more about our donor wall technology visit our site or our blog, learn about our services specially our design services, or download our white-papers.

Donor & Alumni Recognition Wall

This video shows a large interactive experience consisting of 10, touch interactive, 55″ video wall quality displays installed at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The digital experience, tells about the institution, its mission and vision and also about its alumni.

Research and Development

Lusens multidisciplinary team consist of computer scientists and engineers as well as computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), UX and other experts. Since its inception the company has developed technologies and knowhow, and created solutions in multiple sectors including Physiotherapy, Rehab, Sports, Wellness and Neurology among others. More in the Technology section.