Donor Recognition Wall - The Need Of 21st Century

The demand for a donor recognition wall is increasing as it is engaging, informing, entertaining, and inspiring, all at once. Now, the time has come when you have to replace your typical donor wall with a unique recognition wall. It’ll grab the attention of more people and eventually increase donations. It’s a digital age, where installing donor recognition wall can have a lot of benefits powered by simple-to-use content management system. So, keep your content up-to-date and attract more donors!


We specialize in designing immersive experiences such as custom interactive donor recognition, alumni showcases, video walls, digital signage and kiosks, table tops, retail windows and interactive floors that react to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions.


Our interactive donor recognition walls, interactive exhibits, and multimedia displays exhibits embrace users as no other media can – informing, involving, inspiring and impressing through the senses of touch, vision and sound.


We design and build custom digital media experiences from the ground up to achieve your unique goals and provides support and maintain our experience with a web-based tool that will allow you to change content.

Engage and Recognize Your Donors With Donor Recognition Wall

Have you ever wondered what a digital donor recognition wall can bring you? It brings you so many opportunities and engages your donor through different and unique ways of recognition. Big and small nonprofit organizations can benefit from this great way to show appreciation to their donors and inspire new potential donors to help your organization’s fundraising campaigns. With these types of custom-designed digital engagement exhibits, you can get better attention and improve your interaction with donors, your staff and audiences.

Digital donor recognition displays and walls are engaging, informing, eye-catching, and significantly more effective than static boards, plaques and other non-interactive displays.  

Lusens recognition walls, donor walls, digital walls, interactive walls as well as donor recognition walls can be found at universities, colleges, hospitals, museums, libraries, and other venues.

Our Work

Employee Recognition Wall - More Than Just a Wall

An employee recognition wall is a physical or digital display that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements and contributions of employees in the workplace. These displays can include plaques, photos, or digital displays that feature employees’ names and accomplishments. Employee recognition walls are an essential component of a positive work culture and are a great way to show appreciation and gratitude to employees for their hard work.

You content for your mission.

Keep your message up-to-date and consistent with your campaigns.

You can update any information on our Interactive displays thanks to Lusens easy-to-use content management system.

Our technology is very user-friendly and ready out of the box! Our Hospital Donor Walls and University Donor Walls can be found at leading hospitals and universities in North America.

Lusens is here to help you achieve your project.

Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to help you bring your custom donor wall to life.

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Frequently Asked Question

A Donor Recognition Wall is a display used by organizations to honor and acknowledge contributors or donors who have generously supported their cause or institution. It typically showcases donor names, contributions, or personalized messages in a prominent and lasting way.

Donor Recognition Walls can be crafted from various materials such as engraved plaques, acrylic panels, glass, metal, wood, or a combination of these materials. The choice often depends on the desired aesthetic, durability, and the overall design concept.

Organizations have the flexibility to personalize Donor Recognition Walls according to their preferences. Customization options include choosing the layout, size, materials, font styles, engraved messages, logos, and incorporating interactive digital displays or multimedia elements.

Donor Recognition Walls serve as a meaningful way to express gratitude, motivate further contributions, and foster a sense of community. They also enhance the visibility of donors, encourage philanthropy, and create a lasting legacy for contributors.

Yes, there are various types of Donor Recognition Walls, including static displays with engraved plaques or printed names, interactive digital walls allowing for dynamic updates or multimedia content, and portable recognition walls that can be moved or updated easily.

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