Digital Signage

Our digital signage in the form of engaging interactive kiosks, touch tables, way-finders, and captivating interactive walls signage make a purposeful impact .

Purposeful, Interactive Experiences

An artistically developed and well-executed immersive experience not only captures attention but can also give customers a purposeful experience.  Our collection of interactive digital signage technologies combines to allow guests and customers to find valuable information and take action, while creating a lasting bond to your brand. This is engagement at its finest, and the reason immersive experiences can be such a big part of  a successful customer interaction.

Our turnkey solutions are designed and fabricated for:
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Our Interactive Hospitality & Retail Displays

A Lasting Experience Like Non-Other

We are experts in creating a captivating envorment that is beneficial and stunning.

Lusens designs and creates immersive environments that engage, inform annd allow for actions, such as payments, to take place. Our combined teams including creative designers, user experience experts and programmers, have delivered outstanding touch, body motion and gesture interactive experiences that mesmerize guests in hotels, casinos, retail stores and many others venues, world-wide.
Our customizable interactive technology includes:

Your content for your mission.

Keep your message up-to-date and consistent with your campaigns.

Let us create and install a display that resonates with your audience with more impact, producing greater results and achieving your communications objectives. Lusens immersive experiences integrate seamlessly with your environment, incorporating your architecture and branding with your organizational culture and community. Our solutions are updatable which means changing content is easy.

Lusens is here to help you achieve your project.

Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to help you bring your retail or hospitality space to life.

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