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Digital Donor Wall – Best Practices

A Digital Donor Wall System delivers an engaging and captivating experience that tell visitors your organization’s mission and vision. By integrating touch displays, the digital donor wall not only serve to thank your donors and inspire new ones, but also to teach about your nonprofit organization and its mission in the society. Well designed donor walls should become a natural and… Read more →

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Video Wall Technology is Redefining Interior Design

Why architects and interior designers need to understand the potential of video wall experiences to stay competitive. Talented architects and interior designers go beyond creating spaces – they create experiences. The way a space is designed can create an atmosphere that affects us physically and emotionally. The ultimate experience of space is to transport users through time and place –… Read more →

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Best Video Wall Technologies and Solutions

Searching for the Best Video Wall Technologies? As cost of hardware prices decreased, interactive video walls start becoming very popular in digital signage.  To understand video wall technologies, we need to first compare the two main technologies, LED (Light Emitting Diode), and LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays). Until a few years ago LED technology was mostly used in outdoor displays, where… Read more →


Five Ways to Boost Major Donations to your Organization 

Boost major donations – Get the capital investment by Major Donations you need for the future of your organization Whether you are a hospital, university, college, museum or other non-profit organization, if you are leading a capital campaign you know that a substantial amount of your fundraising total comes from a small number of major donors. Donors giving major donations… Read more →

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Designing Digital Spaces

Designing Digital Spaces- An Architect’s Guide to Virtual Reality is the first in-depth book on virtual reality (VR) aimed specifically at architecture and design professionals. The book steers you skillfully through the learning curve of this exciting new technology. Beginning with a historical overview of the evolution of architectural representations, this unique resource explains what VR is, how it is… Read more →

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Digital Environments

Numerous applications of interactive technologies in digital environments The way you interact with a system, media or say a digital environment has transformed completely. With virtual reality and augmented reality coming of age, these systems are getting more intuitive as they are now able to comprehend the users’ touch, gesture and body movements. More and more architects, engineers and interior… Read more →

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Interactive Media

The applications of interactive media and interactive art It is the era of innovation and developing immersive technologies are one of the outcomes of it. Artificial intelligence has been around for quite a long time now. It is now getting popular with each passing day as more and more real world applications are being developed. The immersive and responsive environment… Read more →

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LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls LED video walls or LED Walls are flat panel displays which use an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness enables them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun store signs and billboards, and in recent years they have also become commonly used in destination signs on public… Read more →

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Microsoft Kills Kinect

Microsoft Stops Manufacturing Kinect No more a rumour. Microsoft is finally admitting that is not going to continue manufacturing its Kinect 3d, depth camera. Since its introduction in November 2010 Microsoft sold around 35 million units of its Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 becoming the fastest-selling consumer device back in 2011 according to the Guinness World Records. Since introduced, the… Read more →

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Starting a Tech Company

You may have heard many people complaining about their jobs. Some people don’t like their bosses, some have problems with their colleagues, office timings, or office environment. The irony is that many people are not even satisfied with whatever roles they are playing in their company and specially, in a tech company, or with the responsibilities they have. Many such… Read more →

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Launching a Technology Startup

What is a Technology Startup Technology Startups are perhaps the most risky of all startups since they typically deal with unknowns such as:  Can I make it? Can I monetize it?  Most technology startups are initiated by young professional with technical background and  little or non business and corporate experience. As a result, most technology startups start with a team… Read more →

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Crowdfunding Platforms Geared Toward Tech Startups

Crowdfunding Platforms Geared Toward Tech Startups If you are looking to start a tech company off the ground and are in need of financial backing, there are more options than ever for funding. Local and regional business grants, angel investors, and venture capitalists are the traditional ways to raise financial support. However, if these options are not something that are… Read more →

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This Neural Network could make Animations in Games a little less awkward

The graphical fidelity of current video games these days is truly astounding, but one thing their creators struggle to portray is the variety and fluidity of human motion. An animation system powered by a neural network drawing from real motion-captured data may help make our avatars walk, run and jump a little more naturally. Nowadays, using available AI and neural… Read more →

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When Artificial Intelligence meets Animation

For many years people have been talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks, but only now, it is becoming a part of real-life applications. Lusens creates and develops touch, body motion and gesture interactive games and experiences. Lusens is a multi-disciplinary media and design firm that excels at developing outstanding touch, body & gesture driven games and interactive experiences… Read more →

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Donors Recognition Wall at Humber College

Lusens designed and installed a donors recognition wall at Humber College. Interactive donor walls are the perfect way to thank donors and inspire new ones. You can find a Lusens Donor Wall in many hospitals, universities, schools, museums and other non-profit organizations including this at Humber College. A Donors Recognition Wall is unique as it get people’s attention while telling… Read more →

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Immersive Exhibits

Immersive exhibits can now be found everywhere. Terms such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality that, until a couple of years ago were not known to most of us, become part of our lives. As our senses sounds, images, can feel movements and acceleration and more, we can create exhibits that stimulate all these senses taking a person to a virtual… Read more →

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Projection Floors WOW Audiences

Five Ways to Use an Interactive Projection Floors that Will “Wow” Users There’s something about having an interactive floor beneath your feet come to life with sound, movement and vibrant colours that has the ability to take you from your current reality to a completely different world. The concept of interactive projection floors has been around for quite a number of… Read more →

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Raising Money for University Foundations

Raising money for University Foundations, is not an easy task, especially when competing with so many other charitable causes and other types of non profit organizations. One of the major issues with dealing with capital campaigns for university foundations is visibility and the trust factor. People tend to distrust volunteers asking for donations unless they know the person, due to a… Read more →

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4 Ways To Create An Engaging Hospital Donor Wall

4 Ways To Create An Engaging Hospital Donor Wall A traditional hospital donor wall that lists the names of its many significant contributors on engraved plaques serves the very important purpose of recognizing those valuable contributors. To be sure, public recognition is an important and necessary component of any good stewardship strategy. But have you ever wondered how often people… Read more →

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Immersive Technologies at Hospitals

Immersive Technologies for Hospitals A MUST HAVE at Children’s Hospitals and at Pediatric Departments in General Hospitals Most of us have read the faces of children playing computer games, immersed in virtual worlds and enjoying a multi-sensorial digital experience. We see these face every time they play on their computers, video consoles or mobile devices. Nowadays immersive technologies for can let… Read more →

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10 Tips to NonProfits Planning a Donor Wall

10 Tips to NonProfits Planning a Donor Wall What should a donor relations or advancement professional be considering when selecting a vendor for the design and installation of a donor recognition wall. Planning a donor wall is not simple! The Donors Wall is becoming an important tool used by non-profit organizations and specifically their foundations, charities and donor relations staff, to… Read more →

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New Virtual Reality Experiences

Emerging Virtual Reality Experiences Virtual reality which was once considered fantasy and confined only to Hollywood movies has now come of age. Newest  virtual reality experiences are a game changer. Only two years ago, in the year 2014, large enterprises such as Google, Facebook and Samsung to name only a few, showed interest in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and started investing heavily… Read more →

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Creating Virtual Reality Mobile Applications

Creating Virtual Reality Mobile Applications The virtual world is fast becoming a reality in today’s world. With mobile phones fast invading our private homes, it is not very difficult to see why virtual reality applications should not get its due. Virtual Reality Mobile Applications replicate the reality in the virtual world. This fact might have astounded many in the earlier… Read more →

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Creating Virtual Reality Applications That Uses Your Mobile Phone

Creating Virtual Reality Applications That Uses Your Mobile Phone  The virtual world is fast becoming a reality in today’s world. With mobile phones fast invading our private homes, it is not very difficult to see why virtual reality applications should not get its due. Mobile phone applications replicate the reality in the virtual world. This fact might have astounded many… Read more →


Virtual Reality Applications in Education, Training, Gaming

Virtual Reality Applications in Education, Training, Gaming Virtual reality involves presenting human senses with a three-dimensional, computer generated effective atmosphere that we can explore and interact in some manner. People become an element of this virtual world, absorb the objects within this atmosphere and able to control bits and pieces to carry out a number of actions. This world of… Read more →

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An Effective Donor Display

Effective Donor Display A good Donor Display deliver an immersive learning experience that visitors find engaging, compelling and informative, connecting them to the non-profit organization at an emotional level, inspiring people to give, support and help. While delivering a memorable user-experience, an interactive, multimedia Donor Display tells about the organization’s mission, vision and needs, introduces its donors and their generous… Read more →

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Interactive Video Wall Introduces Play to Pediatric Patients

Interactive Video Wall introduces Play To Pediatric Patients When children are admitted to a hospital for extended periods of time, they miss out on many of the experiences and pleasures that other kids take for granted. Suddenly, their world becomes much smaller. Their opportunities for play, discovery and social interaction are greatly restricted. While their friends may be visiting the… Read more →


Immersive Retail Experiences

Immersive Retail Experiences: Merging the Best of Image-Based and Results-Oriented Marketing The art of storytelling requires creating an entire world in the minds of the listeners. Letting the audience visualize images with your words is exactly what you want to do if you want your message to be remembered. As a brand, the story that you tell about your brand will decide… Read more →


Beyond the Alumni List: Engaging the Community For Your Capital Campaign

Beyond the Alumni List: Engaging the Community For Your Capital Campaign When institutions of higher learning launch capital campaigns, it makes sense for them to target their alumni as their primary source of support. There’s no doubt that individuals who have reaped the greatest benefit from having attended the institution would be most inclined to lend their support to the… Read more →


Immersive Technology In Physiotherapy

Immersive Technology In Physiotherapy Getting patients to do their physiotherapy exercises, can often be a challenge. It is grueling, often painful and the setbacks can be disheartening. Lack of motivation and other issues causes that most patient’s do not complete the program prescribed by their physiotherapist. There’s no doubt that healing requires a lot of hard work and that not… Read more →

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Planning Successful Nonprofit Campaigns

NONPROFIT CAMPAIGNS Planning, developing and launching successful NonProfit Campaigns is in need of all the marketing and communications tools available in your arsenal. Your task is complex and non-trivial. You need to identify potential donors, reach them and convince them to donate to your organization and not to others which may be interested in their participation as well. All this… Read more →

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Planning a Capital Campaign

Raising capital is increasingly becoming a difficult task in today’s world, and especially when it is related to non-profit organizations. Developing and implementing Nonprofit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving a great deal of planning, marketing and communications skills to make sure you reach qualified prospective donors, and involve stakeholders with a vested interest in your nonprofit organization’s success.… Read more →

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NonProfit Fundraising

What is nonprofit fund raising? Why is fund being raised? How will this fund help and who will it help? These are some important questions that fund raising at non-profit organizations often come across. This article shall answer some such basic questions regarding nonprofit fundraising activities. Fund raising is basically a voluntary contribution, mostly monetary, but also otherwise, for some… Read more →

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Fund Raising Ideas

Fund Raising Ideas -Being a Part of Humanity It is very important to understand firstly what fund raising is and what objective it serves, before we dwell into describing the beneficial and tried fund raising ideas. It refers to collecting money for a specific cause or reason, mostly for some social cause and charity. It can be done both in… Read more →

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Creating Best Donor Walls – Do and Don’ts

Best Donor Walls – Dos and Don’ts Non-profits must always remember that their future is heavily dependent on its donors and in the organization’s ability to launch successful capital campaigns. As well your organization shall consider ways to thank your donors and inspire new potential donors. If your organization is presently planning to install a donor recognition wall to thank… Read more →

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Video Mapping – A Spatial Augmented Reality Technique

Video mapping is a new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic and live video display. This technique permits projecting video images on buildings, façades, structures or nearly any kind of complex surface or 3D object to shatter the viewer’s perception of perspective. Video Mapping technology implements advanced mathematical algorithms aimed to warp and distort the… Read more →

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Fundraising Strategies

Fundraising strategies – for successful capital campaigns! Setting fundraising strategies is not an easy task, especially if it is done for a charitable cause or non profit organization. One of the major issues with this task is the trust factor.  People tend to distrust such volunteers demanding donations due to a lot of fraud business running in the name of charity… Read more →

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Best Interactive Retail Experiences

Engage Shoppers with Interactive Retail Experiences   Market studies show that engaging shoppers in interactive retail experiences produces a better results, drives traffic to stores and increase sales. Recent advances in technology allows retailers install systems that reacts to touch, gestures, facial expression and body motion delivering a positive retail experience. Having a large, floor to ceiling, interactive window shopping experiences at store’s front, capture people’s attention from… Read more →

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Approaches To Naming Opportunities For Your Charity

Approaches To Naming Opportunities For Your Charity Naming opportunities have increasingly become an expectation from major donors, so a comprehensive plan and policy surrounding these is critical to any organization offering such recognition. If your charity has been approaching naming opportunities on an ad-hoc basis as large gifts come in, you may be missing other possibilities, not maximizing their revenue… Read more →

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Holographic Displays – Unveil a Completely Different World 

Holographic displays – Unveil a Completely Different World Hologram is defined as a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation, such as a laser. That said, there are other ways to produce a similar effect which are simpler and less expensive. At Lusens we create holographic displays, similar to HoloLens, the… Read more →


Planning a Donor Recognition Event

Planning a Donor Recognition Event The people who contribute to a noble cause usually desire no acclaim or recognition for their action. Yet, it is your responsibility to thank them on behalf of the people they helped through their generous donations. Setting up a donor recognition event is an effective way to do so. What’s more, you can have a… Read more →

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A Portable Unit that Delivers an Immersive Experience

If you are interested in creating a WOW immersive experience in a floor, wall, window, you should consider Lusens All-in-One Convertible Unit, that is programmable, portable, plug and play, and very easy to customize and operate system. Lusens All-in-One system is a small, compact, portable, light, turnkey unit that can project an interactive and immersive experience larger than 130 inch diagonal, on any flat… Read more →