Our Technology

Our Technology

Touch and Touch-Less Sensing | Body Pose, Motion & Gesture Sensing | Virtual & Augmented Reality | AI Driven Avatars | Computer Vision | AI & Machine Learning | Speech & Voice Processing

Lusens R&D Center (Lusens Labs) consists of a multidisciplinary team of scientists, programmers, graphic designers, game developers, user experience experts, and engineers who specialize in the development of state-of-the-art technologies and tools to sense, measure and analize  body movements, facial expressions, voice interaction, to create touch and touch-less immersive and interactive experiences. In this page, a few words about some of these technologies incl;uding Body Motion and Gesture Sensing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Trainers utilizing Avatars powered by AI, Augmented Reality, and Voice Processing.

Body Pose, Motion & Gesture Sensing

Lusens Labs developed and patented state-of-the-art solutions that enable seamless interaction between humans and technology through body motion and gesture sensing and voice interaction. Our motion and gesture recognition systems and AI powered text to speech and voice recognition technology detects and interprets human movements accurately and allows interacting with the individuals through natural language. Whether it’s gaming, virtual reality experiences, or smart home automation, our technology offers intuitive and immersive user experiences.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

By overlaying digital content onto the physical environment, Lusens Labs developed AR and VR technologies that enhances real-world experiences and brings information to life in a captivating way. It allows people immerse in a world of virtual experiences with our cutting-edge technology. We create realistic, computer-generated environments and games that allow users to engage and explore beyond the limitations of the physical world. 

Projection Technology

Lusens was one of the first companies to introduce interactive walls, floors, and tables based on a projection technology that used invisible infrared (IR) light to measure people’s touch and position, poses, and movements.  Our interactive systems has been sold in more than 40 countries and counting.

Virtual Trainers Powered by AI

Lusens.com introduces virtual trainers that utilize avatars powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized and adaptive training experiences. By combining AI algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning, our virtual trainers understand and respond to user input, providing tailored guidance, feedback, and support. This technology revolutionizes the way we learn and train, making it more engaging, efficient, and accessible.
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