About Us

About Us

Interactive MultiMedia Experiences.

Lusens is a multi-disciplinary media and design company that is among the global leaders in bringing immersive and interactive multimedia experiences to the public. Although the company commenced designing interactive tables and interactive exhibits, nowadays Lusens focuses in larger custom solutions, among them our world-class interactive Donor Recognition Walls and Donor Recognition Displays, animated avatars, and in our body tracking system with artificial intelligence,  our spectacular immersive exhibits, interactive floors that wow audiences, our hospital donor walls, our state of the art immersive technologies at hospitals and various other venues, systems to deliver virtual reality experiences and more. Our portfolio show multiple donor wall ideas and completed installations which are second to none. We also specialize in creating custom interactive video walls, displays, table tops, bar tops, windows and interactive floors that react to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions. We combine visual art with technology to deliver amazing interactive user experiences that are unforgettable, engaging and inspiring. Our interactive multimedia exhibits embrace users as no other media can – informing, involving, inspiring and impressing through the senses of touch, vision and sound. We use digital studio technology, With it we created spectacular digital spaces and  immersive spaces.

We create and design custom Interactive Donors Wall for non-profits world-wide, and interactive video walls to other uses, such as children’s hospitals, shopping malls, etc. We also create immersive retail experiences and other tools combining interactive media, for an effective interactive retail experience, and we design and build hospital wayfinders that are more than just a map. .  Our donor wall ideas and concepts are focused in the delivery of walls that engage, honour and inspire while blending with their environment. We also create Interactive Way-Finders that guide and inform and Interactive Bar-top Tables that entertain and amaze. And we create Interactive Media Experiences in the form of Interactive Walls, Windows and Floors that responding to gestures, touch and body motion that get people’s attention creating new advertising and marketing opportunities.

As well we work with charities, university foundations, event planners, mobile companies on virtual reality mobile applications, with nonprofits for their fundraisingnonprofit campaigns and capital campaigns.


A World-Class-Team.

In order to create the kind of immersive interactive experiences that have an impact on a global stage, it’s necessary to have world-class talent through every aspect of the process.

The Lusens team consists of creative designers, artists, programmers, engineers, mobile app developers, system integrators, animators, game developers, computer vision experts, marketers and business professionals that specialize in the interactive user experience industry. Our team, which provides consulting services as well, was among the first to see the potential of interactive donor walls. Each team member was chosen for his or her skill and commitment to delivering spectacular immersive experiences to each and every client. We design responsive environments that combine technology with art. Our virtual reality systems and applications are second to none. Our donor wall ideas can be found at nonprofit organizations world-wide. Our team created immersive technology in physiotherapy, and other types of best virtual reality experiences and other kind of memorable experiences with technology.  By creating interactive environments, our team succed in engaging audiences with a branded experience. To learn more press here.

Our Mission.

The world of interactive media experiences is at the very leading edge of new technologies, and to become a major player it is essential to always be changing and never take too long sitting around admiring your last job. Our mission at Lusens, is to remain the leaders of an ever-changing industry and continue to bring the most innovative and awe-inspiring experiences to our clients. We wish to stimulate the senses through interactive multimedia like no other company on earth. We started as a small tech company, which soon begin creating interactive technology, such as interactive marketing experiences that engage shoppers with an immersive retail experience, effective donor displays that helped non-profits, philanthropy organizations and charities in their capital campaigns, dealing with the generational differences in fundraising strategies.

Lusens then become a major player in Virtual Reality and Holographic technology, leveraging our first class technology that includes portable units that delivers outstanding immersive experiences.


Global Clientele.

Our global client list includes names such as Estee Lauder, Google, Sony Style, Loreal Paris, Guess, Calvin Klein, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Disney, YMCA, as well as many universities, hospitals, hotels, bars and more. Our donor wall ideas and concepts can be seen in numerous venues, world-wide. We work with architects!. Currently, we have exclusive partners in over 40 countries. Through them and also directly, Lusens offer its global clients professional services and unparalleled support. Our interactive donor recognition ideas and experiences are second to none. Check about us and review our services.

Customization and Seamless Integration.

One of the hallmarks of our ability to involve users to such a heightened degree is our ability to customize experiences so they become a natural extension of the organization and blend with their physical environment. When the wall, floor or window reacts to a user’s touch or gestures, you know your experiencing something special. In the case of projected video walls we utilize ultra short throw projectors that are barely visible. In addition, Lusens developed body motion tracking technology and sensors and other technologies which allowed it launching applications such as Dance with Me, a Kinect kind of game that utilizes proprietary 3d cameras. Learn more about Lusens products and tell us

Engage your audience with an interactive donor recognition ideas  that thanks donors for their contribution, tells your organization’s story and mission while captivating people’s attention in a way that static donor plaques cannot. Present your organization’s vision and mission through donor recognition ideas in the form of an interactive multi-media presentation that shows the impact of donor’s generosity.