Interactive Walls That Engage

Our Interactive Walls technology is a unique and innovative way to engage with digital content. With responsive touch and motion sensors, you can interact with images, videos, and animations in a dynamic and immersive way. Perfect for businesses, events, and public spaces, our Interactive Wall technology will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Discover the possibilities and explore our solutions today.

Engage and Inspire with Interactive Word Walls

Interactive Word Walls are the best way to convert a plain wall into a multi-media platform that can educate, entertain, inform, inspire, and more. Lusens designs and builds interactive walls that mesmerize audiences. Our  video walls and especially our interactive walls featuring top interactive technology

can be found at museums, shopping malls, retail, corporations, and other ventures.  

At Lusens, designers and engineers create and deliver spectacular custom-designed digital walls of any size utilizing LCD, LED, or projection technology

Along with all installations, Lusens also delivers an online content management tool that allows your team to maintain the digital wall content and experience up-to-date.

For nearly 20 years, Lusens has designed and installed Digital Walls, Interactive Walls, Donor Walls, Recognition Walls, Hall of Fame Walls, and Donor Recognition Walls at Universities, Colleges, Museums, Hospitals, Clinics, Libraries and other venues.

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