Games Development is now Easier

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Games Development is now Easier

Games Development is Now Easier. ! Until most recently, the development of interactive games for personal computers, mobile phones, tablets or even for specialized game-consoles, required a great amount of work by a large multidisciplinary team including  creators, animators,  programmers, modellers, user interface designers, graphic designers and others. Nowadays, using new technologies including 3d (depth) cameras, infrared markers and other… Read more →

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Finding your Way with Digital Wayfinders is now Easier

Finding You Way with Digital WayFinders is now easier as a result of latest technology developments. Integrating state of the art touch and touch-less (gesture) technologies, interactive way finding systems or Way Finders in short) create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and meeting spaces in a timely, informative manner.… Read more →

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Interactive Technologies in Hospitals

Hospital Interactive technologies are now here to stay. Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They want their experience to be welcoming, efficient and to provide customized care with the highest levels of service. And here is where Touch and Gesture Interactive Technologies in Hospitals are of great help Through strategic partners around the globe, Lusens… Read more →


Upgrade your Athletic Hall of Fame with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Interested in the Best Athletic Hall of Fame for your college, university or other organization, to showcase past sporting victories, honor individual and corporate supporters, celebrate Alumni who’ve distinguished themselves through team or solo performance and create a destination on campus that will become a destination for history, inspiration and information?. Today, more and more Athletic Directors are opting for… Read more →

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NonProfit Capital Campaigns with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Developing and implementing a NonProfit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving significant marketing and communications to ensure you reach prospective donors, involved stakeholders and all others with a vested interest in your success. However, a challenge faced by many Capital Campaign directors is how to effectively promote the campaign and recognize supporters before the new facility is constructed and… Read more →

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Monetize your Shopping Mall with Interactive Technology

Interactive Technology can help you monetize your Shopping Mall. As shopping malls continue to proliferate, mall owners are under increasing pressure to deliver consumers a unique and differentiated shopping experience with the use of interactive technology. At the same time, it is in their interest to drive traffic to the individual retail outlets that comprise the mall. Buying decisions are highly… Read more →

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MultiTouch Technology is Here to Stay

The way we interact with machines has recently changed. Input devices like keyboards, joysticks and mouses are now things of the past. Intuitive multitouch technology as well as motion and gestures interactive technologies replaced older technologies. Touch, Gestures and Multitouch technology developed by companies such as LUSENS, now allows users to interact with digital computing content in a more natural, intuitive, engaging… Read more →

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MultiTouch Surfaces and Tables

Consumers have shown a growing preference for the multi-touch, gestural interface pioneered by the iPhone® but thus far, this has been limited to smaller, hand-held devices. Multitouch surfaces and tables can now be of any size and shape. LUSENS has extended this paradigm to now successfully engage consumers using much larger mediums including floor screens, table tops, and window displays… Read more →

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Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences

At Lusens we create Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences. As a leader in multi-touch and gesture interactive experiences Lusens designs and delivers custom interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosk and Display solutions that are effective, engaging and multi-purpose as they not only serve as a standard wayfinder but also a a information centre, digital directory and advertising platform that is easy to monetize. Our… Read more →

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Increase your Bottom Line with Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising represents a completely new paradigm as it communicates the advertiser’s message engaging the viewer and directing his attention in a manner that static ads simply cannot. For this matter all LUSENS interactive platforms including our Interactive Walls, Interactive Floors, Interactive Tables, Interactive Bartop Tables are designed to act as high- impact, motion-activated digital signage platforms suitable to a wide… Read more →

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Market Intelligence is Here!

Market Intelligence is Here! As digital advertising continues to proliferate, business owners are under an increasing pressure to offer their customers a differentiated solution that can guarantee a return on investment (ROI). Lusens Market Intelligence is the answer! Touch. motion and gesture interactive technologies allows transforming a regular floor, window, table, kiosk or wall into interactive digital media platforms that… Read more →

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How Interactive Wall Systems Work

You may wonder how Interactive Wall Systems Work. The way we use to interact with machines his changing. Input devices like keyboards, joysticks and mouses are becoming things of the past. More intuitive user interface based on touch and gesture technology is replacing older technologies and… is here to stay!. Some ask “How Interactive Floor and Wall Systems Work?” Touch,… Read more →

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Monetize your Store Window with a Touch Interactive Window Experience

You can now monetize-your-store-window  with a Touch Interactive Window Experience. Interactive windows are rapidly becoming the next in-thing after traditional store windows. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology is now possible to create an impressive user-engagement experience that will allow stores to, practically, work 24/7.  The ability to project multimedia content including images, video and textual information and let people browse, select and even purchase items while… Read more →

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5 Tips to Design Effective Interactive Experiences

Technology allows us now to convert existing surfaces such as floors and walls into multimedia displays that reacts to people’s movements and touch, or what is known as Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall displays. To create engaging Interactive Floor and Wall Experiences we need a projector, which projects a large high-definition image on the floor, window or wall surface, a computer,… Read more →

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4 Reasons Why You May Need a Way finder

4 Reasons Why You May Need a Way-Finder. Frequently, potential customers ask ‘what’s the advantage of an interactive Way Finder over a regular, static digital directory or pathfinder? The answer is simple: A touch or gesture-driven Interactive Way Finder is: (1) More engaging, (2) Attracts people’s attention, (3) Is easier to update and (4) Can be used for other purposes.… Read more →

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How to Create Successful WayFinders for your Venue

Successful WayFinders are Key How to Create a Successful WayFinders Display for your Venue is not trivial. LUSENS Way-Finding systems create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and institutional meeting spaces in a timely, intuitive and informative manner. Integrating state of the art touch and gesture technology, LUSENS creates Successful Way-Finders… Read more →

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Engaging User Experiences

Engaging User Experiences captivate, entertain and inform audiences. Research suggests that interactive mediums are significantly more effective and memorable than non-interactive alternatives. At Lusens we design engaging user experiences that blend with customer’s site environment, combining an enveloping sculptural with a powerful multimedia experience that engages and inspires the audience and leaves a lasting impression.   To create WOW Interactive and engaging user experiences a… Read more →