Benefits of Installing Interactive Donor Walls

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This blog will list the Benefits of Interactive Donor Walls in your Nonprofit organization.

Any organization that depends on donations from the public for funding genuinely owes its success and possibly even its very existence to donors. It is in part because of a donor’s generous decision to give that charities, museums, universities and non-profits are able to continue day-to-day operations, pay employees and grow. Interactive donor walls are significantly more engaging and eye-catching that static donor walls or plaques installed in a wall.

Most organizations that accept donations use some form of donor recognition display, but for maximum impact, interactive donor recognition walls is the way to go. These walls consist of vibrant multimedia presentations that respond to touch and allow users to see information about your donors like never before.

Here are some of the exciting Benefits of Interactive Donor Walls at your organization:

The Respect They Deserve

The first and greatest benefit is to properly honour the people that have donated money. With a comprehensive interactive display, you can show the names and faces, as well as the personal stories of your most-prized donors, volunteers and leaders.

Visitors are able to see photos, videos and hear audio of the people that make it all possible, then with the swipe of a hand see another, then another, and so on. The donors are there for all to see, and new content can be added to the minute you want to update the wall.

Tells a Story

The multimedia, interactive nature or these donor recognition walls make it possible to tell stories and show the history of the organization and the donors. You can show vivid timelines of how the organization has evolved, and roles the main donors have played.

You can also outline current and future events and projects to keep potential future donors updated on what is happening. Everyone loves a great story, which is why showcasing stories on an interactive donor recognition wall make sense.

Creates a Buzz

The unique qualities of your donor recognition wall will certainly create a buzz and attract people to your facility. This kind of interactive fixture is a prime marketing opportunity, because visitors may also become donors themselves, and the attraction itself is a candidate for mainstream media exposure.


Interactive donor recognition walls are easy to use for both management and end users. The technology contained within the system enables you to update content in real time, and users catch on quickly to how their movements manipulate the images on the screen.

Encourages Involvement

The main goal of any interactive media is to engage users and get them involved. Our donor recognition walls are designed to blend seamlessly into your organization’s environment, piquing curiosity and interest and encouraging involvement from everyone who gives it a try.

If you think your organization could benefit of installing an Interactive Donor Wall, contact the experts, today!


Benefits of Installing Interactive Donor Walls
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