User Experience – UX Design

Lusens is an expert in User Experience Design (UX Design) and in the creation of engaging and captivating experiences that respond to touch, body movement, gestures and facial expressions. However, it is the customization of each experience that truly makes it one-of-a-kind. Our creative team consisting of artists and technical experts custom UX design experiences that really bring your interactive experience to life.
With a cutting edge proprietary UX design process and strategic partners around the world, Lusens become an expert in custom User Experience – UX Design that is delivered in the form of touch or body motion interactive walls, floors, windows, displays, tables, exhibits and bar-tops.

Our digital media designs combines, in many cases, branded messaging, mind-altering graphics and games or information presented in a way no one could ignore.
We treat every interactive experience we create like the only one we’ll ever make. If you’re looking for something to really captivate your audience, call today for a consultation.



Custom User Experience Design

Lusens custom UX designs outstanding interactive experiences that entertain, drives sales, engages people and delivers impact using state of the art technologySpecializing in the creation of custom solutions that react to touch, gestures, body motion and facial expressions, our team can help you creating a custom designed interactive user experiences that make an impact. Our leading edge technology along with vast libraries of 3D models of characters, avatars and scenery as well as huge databases of body and facial movements, allow our creative team design complex user experiences quickly and economically.

Lusens expertise in Custom UX Design based iit proven development process is based on a strong multi-disciplinary team of engineers, designers, animators and programmers that creates leading edge custom solutions for a broad range of mediums including Donor Recognition Walls, Multitouch TablesInteractive FloorsInteractive Walls,Interactive Bartop Tables, , Way-Finder Kiosk, Interactive Experience, Immersive Experiences, or a Custom Designed Exhibit Or Game. You can learn more about us here.