Planning a Donor Recognition Event

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Planning a Donor Recognition Event
The people who contribute to a noble cause usually desire no acclaim or recognition for their action. Yet, it is your responsibility to thank them on behalf of the people they helped through their generous donations.

Setting up a donor recognition event is an effective way to do so. What’s more, you can have a donor recognition wall / plaque installed which you can unveil at the event. The donor wall features the names of all the donors who have contributed to the cause. The donor does not need to have an analogue display.

Nowadays digital and interactive experiences and displays at donor recognition events are more popular. With regular donor wall displays at events, the options available to you are limited. On the other hand, digital donor walls delivering multimedia content provide more options but the chances of something going wrong are greater as well. There are certain guidelines that you can follow to ensure it is a success.

Let’s look at how you can make the display at a donor recognition event a success:

The content displayed at the recognition event is one of the most important things that you need to consider. The theme of the display should reflect the goals of your organization or campaign. You can also consider using the history of your campaign as the display.

Another great theme for a donor recognition display is the “journey of success”. You can show the donors and others present at the event how you made your way towards making your endeavor a success.
Purpose of the Donor Wall
In addition to the theme of the display, you also have to decide what you hope to achieve from the display. Are you looking to only thank the contributors or are you also looking to funnel in more contributions and fresh donors?

The display should show content based on what you want to achieve through the donor recognition event.

For instance, if you are looking to gain more donors for your campaign, you should make the display information-rich. The display would need to show everyone how your endeavor is making the world a better place.
Moreover, you should display previous contributors to show that you are grateful for their donations. This strengthens your relationship with existing contributors and gives you a clear shot at gaining more donors.
Multimedia Content
The best way to make a donor display interesting is to keep it digital. This way you get more options as to how you can make the display appealing. You can include an interactive presentation and display information about your existing donors at the same time. You may even use a couple of digital displays and divide the content accordingly. You can have one which displays your campaign’s purpose and journey, one can display the existing donors and then one can bear an interactive informative presentation. If you want to make your donor recognition event a success, be sure to use the abovementioned tips to set up a donor wall that stands out!

Planning a Donor Recognition Event
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