Upgrade your Athletic Hall of Fame with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Upgrade your Athletic Hall of Fame with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Interested in the Best Athletic Hall of Fame for your college, university or other organization, to showcase past sporting victories, honor individual and corporate supporters, celebrate Alumni who’ve distinguished themselves through team or solo performance and create a destination on campus that will become a destination for history, inspiration and information?.

Today, more and more Athletic Directors are opting for Interactive multimedia experiences, for many reasons:
1. Interactive multimedia offer virtually unlimited capacity for photos, videos, text, animation and other software opportunities that enhance the multimedia experience for visitors, involving them in your mission in message.
2. Updating content on an interactive presentation is simple and fast. The content management system can be accessed online from anywhere, allowing users to add, remove or revise stories, videos and photos in real time.
3. Traditional static Hall of Fame displays limits your ability to feature athletes, honor donors, showcase history or share other important information. As well, updates can be costly and labor-intensive, and you’re limited by the size of the display as to how much information you can feature.
4. Interactive multimedia experiences can be touch or gesture-driven, allowing you to maximize the impact within the environment, to ensure that visitors enjoy the most enriching and entertaining presentation.
5. A major benefit of interactive multimedia experiences is the ability to integrate the presentation onto your organization’s website. With just a little programming and design modifications, expatriate alumni or supporters anywhere in the world can continue to stay connected and involved with your mission, contributing funds and promoting your vision.

You can find examples of Interactive Multimedia Experiences at this location.


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