Donor Recognition Walls

Lusens’s Donor Recognition Walls are a Great Way to say Thank You.

Lusens Inc. designs custom Interactive Donor Recognition Walls that will inspire and engage your target audience. We build outstanding donor displays which will impress and honour your donors, staff and organization while seamlessly blending in with your environment. You can learn the reasons why an interactive donor recognition wall may be necessary in this document.

Ready to showcase your own content and say thanks? You can update any information on our Interactive displays thanks to Lusens easy-to-use content management system. Our technology is very user-friendly and ready out of the box! Our Hospital Donor Walls and University Donor Walls can be found at leading hospitals and universities in North America.

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Why Lusens Donor Recognition Walls?

Lusens Donor Recognition Walls and specifically our hospital donor walls create an immersive user experience that engages donors and supporters, involving them in your mission, inviting their participation and encouraging their involvement.

Captivate Audiences

Lusens donor walls engage your visitors and encourage interaction with unique experiences.

Increase Donations

Showcase your cause to attract new donations. You can accept them right on the spot.

Recognize Donors

Your donors deserve recognition. They will be proud to be listed on your wall.

Go Social

Connect your donor wall to social media to allow visitors to share and spread your message.

Recognize Your Donors with an Interactive Experience

Give your donors the recognition they deserve. Lusens Interactive Donor Recognition Walls thank donors and supporters, share their stories and inspires your audience. We create donor experiences that are custom designed for your organization’s unique environment, messaging and branding.

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