Interactive BarTop Tables

Interactive BarTop Tables

Imagine a night out at a bar or club where the bar top comes to life with interactive effects, games or even sports scores and highlights. Interactive bar-top tables take the entertainment factor to a new level by capturing your patrons’ imagination and offering custom branded content to boost sales.

Entertain, Amaze & Monetize! Wow your customers and patrons with Lusens’ engaging and entertaining Interactive Bar-Top Tables.
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Custom Designed To Fit Your Needs

Designed in various sizes and shapes and built on cutting edge technology,Lusens LBAR Bar Top Tables can be programed to detect the patron’s drink and display information about the drink content of the patron, potentially highlighting the premium alcohol’s story. Or in Sports Bars, scoreboards can be served up on the bar top allowing people to instantly control information about their favorite teams or watch games and in restaurants flip through high-resolution images of food items on the menu, and see the accompanying ingredient information. Lusens Interactive Bar Tables react to fingers, objects, and hand gestures, triggering graphic effects that use pictures and videos alike. The Lusens proprietary software can be customized and configured to support any type of multi-touch interactive  table.

An Irresistible Interactive Experience

With their smooth, multi-touch surface and vivid display, our Multi-Touch Tables are a compelling addition to any branded space. Transform your customer experience: Lusens Multi-Touch Tables can connect users with menus, reviews and personalized service. Customers can discover a new product and place an order on the spot. Lusens multi-touch tables bring people together. With Lusens Multi-Touch Tables, customers can engage with photos, videos, games, and other branded content. With our multi-touch interface, multiple users can interact with the tables at the same time, opening the door for exciting branded experiences that encourage conversations and increase sales conversions. With Lusens seamless touch sensitive surfaces, integrated hardware, and custom-molded bases, the Lusens Multi-Touch Tables are an all-in-one interactive solution, custom-built to your vision and specifications. Content can be instantly updated through any web browser from your computer.