Interactive Experiences

An Experience They’ll Remember

Amaze your audience with touch and gesture interactive experiences that engage, entertain and are highly memorable. 

Interactive multimedia experiences involve, inform, inspire and impress audiences and are proven to be more effective and memorable than any non-interactive alternative. Using state of the art touch and gesture sensors driven by Lusens software suite, we create, build and support spectacular interactive experiences that are the ultimate user experience. Immerse your audiences in a WOW multi-sensorial, multi-media experience that captivates and engages them for hours.

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Interactive & Engaging Moments.

Interactive experiences embrace users as no other media can – informing, involving, inspiring and impressing through the senses of touch, vision and sound. And research shows that this interaction is a lot more powerful and memorable than any static message, or even digital multimedia. The ability to interact with your exhibits and displays will keep visitors engaged and keep them coming back for more.
Lusens interactive experiences are created to integrate seamlessly with a customer’s environment, incorporating their architecture and branding or their organizational culture and community.

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Lusens Touch Technology.

Main features:

  • We know how to convert any surface into a touch surface
  • Our technology senses touch and recognizes hand gestures
  • It also recognizes touch by object
  • It supports multiple simultaneous users (multi-touch)
  • We utilize invisible, infra-red lighting to send and measure
  •  We use top technology to determine accurate touch position
  • Fast and effective algorithms to avoid delays

Lusens Body Motion and Gesture Technology.

Main features:

  • Capture people’s silhouette using 2d or 3d cameras
  • Utilize invisible infra-red lighting to capture body motion
  • Accurate detection of the exact body position
  • Detection of body movement
  • Easy to set and recognize custom gestures or movements

Lusens Body Tracking.

Main features:

  • Algorithms to captures accurate body position
  • Algorithms to captures accurate facial expression
  • Accurate lip tracking and synchronization
  • Software Suite for fast creation and motion of avatars
  • Control realistic gestures and expression including lip tracking to avatars