Projection Floors WOW Audiences

Five Ways to Use an Interactive Projection Floors that Will “Wow” Users There’s something about having an interactive floor beneath your feet come to life with sound, movement and vibrant colours that has the ability to take you from your current reality to a completely different world. The concept of interactive projection floors has been around for quite a number of years, but in recent years, they have been elevated to a new level, where the only real limit is your imagination. Combination of interactive floors and video walls, creates a most immersive digital experience. Here are five ways to incorporate interactive floors that will “Wow” your guests, visitors and students, and keep them coming back for more.  
  1. Games & Entertainment
Most adults are probably familiar with the famous scene in the movie “Big” where part of the floor in the toy store is giant, interactive piano keys for the kids to create music. This a great example of an interactive floor as a game, but is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern day interactive projection floors. Whether it is a game that users are meant to actively participate in, or purely for entertainment purposes, such as creating a virtual underwater shark tank beneath your feet, interactive floors are an effective way to capture the imagination and initiate engagement.
  1. In the Club
In bars and nightclubs, interactive floors add a whole new dimension to an experience that’s already quite immersive. An interactive dance floor produces colours and images that are in perfect sync with the beat, increasing the intensity and enjoyment level of the patrons. They may be watching meteors shooting up and them one minute, then get swallowed by a black hole the next; the limits are truly boundless.
  1. Tools to Educate
Education is another exciting use for interactive floors. It’s common knowledge that student participation and interaction helps with the learning process, which is why something as engaging as an interactive floor can help. Whether it is learning to read, identifying animals, plants or objects, or special needs learning, interactive floors have a lot of potential. interactive floor
  1. Artwork and Exhibits
Interactive floors have also been used as a way to enhance artwork or museum exhibits, pulling the user into the piece so they really feel as though they are part of it. This technology takes the visitor from being a mere observer; looking at a sculpture, display or painting or reading about an important point in history, to being immersed in the experience, giving them a much deeper understanding. 5.  Advertising & Promotion Interactive projection floors can be used to promote products and straighten a brand.  Just imagine yourself walking to a store and being exposed to an eye-catching floor experience promoting a product sold in that site. 6.   As Part of a More Extensive Display If the idea is to have an immersive display that covers sight, sound and touch from all angles, the an interactive floor is used as part of the overall design. These types of displays will surround the user on the top, bottom and both sides, completely taking them out of their current reality, to wherever you’d like them to go.
Projection Floors WOW Audiences
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