Dance with Me – a Kinect Game and Social Experience

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Dance with Me – a Kinect Game and Social Experience

The use of Body Motion Sensing in Kinect Games After years of research and development, Lusens Labs, Lusens Inc’s R&D arm, developed StudioPRO, a software suite that allows the development of body motion and Kinect games. Using markers-free technology, we learned how to capture body motion vectores which we can then apply to avatars, so they can dance tango, play… Read more →

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How to Create Successful WayFinders for your Venue

Successful WayFinders are Key How to Create a Successful WayFinders Display for your Venue is not trivial. LUSENS Way-Finding systems create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and institutional meeting spaces in a timely, intuitive and informative manner. Integrating state of the art touch and gesture technology, LUSENS creates Successful Way-Finders… Read more →