3d Technology is Here to Stay

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Lusens 3D Technology

3d Technology is Here to Stay

As you asking yourself how 3D Technology works in cinema or television movies ? Are you wondering what is the technology behind our ability to perceive the 3rd dimension ? New advances in 3D technology have created a momentum and we see it widely adopted as an advancing technology in various industries. Definitely, 3D Technology is Here to Stay as is becoming… Read more →

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Games Development is now Easier

Games Development is Now Easier. ! Until most recently, the development of interactive games for personal computers, mobile phones, tablets or even for specialized game-consoles, required a great amount of work by a large multidisciplinary team including  creators, animators,  programmers, modellers, user interface designers, graphic designers and others. Nowadays, using new technologies including 3d (depth) cameras, infrared markers and other… Read more →