5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders

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5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders

5 Places Where to Install Wayfinders For Maximum Engagement Install Wayfinders to guide and inform people while branding and advertising your products and services. As the name suggests, an interactive wayfinder is a device that is designed to help people find their way. An interactive wayfinder utilizes digital touch screen technology to create a user experience that is engaging and… Read more →

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Interactive Technologies in Hospitals

Hospital Interactive technologies are now here to stay. Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They want their experience to be welcoming, efficient and to provide customized care with the highest levels of service. And here is where Touch and Gesture Interactive Technologies in Hospitals are of great help Through strategic partners around the globe, Lusens… Read more →

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Monetize your Shopping Mall with Interactive Technology

Interactive Technology can help you monetize your Shopping Mall. As shopping malls continue to proliferate, mall owners are under increasing pressure to deliver consumers a unique and differentiated shopping experience with the use of interactive technology. At the same time, it is in their interest to drive traffic to the individual retail outlets that comprise the mall. Buying decisions are highly… Read more →

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Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences

At Lusens we create Unmatched Interactive Wayfinding Experiences. As a leader in multi-touch and gesture interactive experiences Lusens designs and delivers custom interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosk and Display solutions that are effective, engaging and multi-purpose as they not only serve as a standard wayfinder but also a a information centre, digital directory and advertising platform that is easy to monetize. Our… Read more →

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How to Create Successful WayFinders for your Venue

Successful WayFinders are Key How to Create a Successful WayFinders Display for your Venue is not trivial. LUSENS Way-Finding systems create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and institutional meeting spaces in a timely, intuitive and informative manner. Integrating state of the art touch and gesture technology, LUSENS creates Successful Way-Finders… Read more →