Projection Floors WOW Audiences

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Interactive Floor and Wall Systems in Mall

Projection Floors WOW Audiences

Five Ways to Use an Interactive Projection Floors that Will “Wow” Users There’s something about having an interactive floor beneath your feet come to life with sound, movement and vibrant colours that has the ability to take you from your current reality to a completely different world. The concept of interactive projection floors has been around for quite a number of… Read more →

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Best Interactive Retail Experiences

Engage Shoppers with Interactive Retail Experiences   Market studies show that engaging shoppers in interactive retail experiences produces a better results, drives traffic to stores and increase sales. Recent advances in technology allows retailers install systems that reacts to touch, gestures, facial expression and body motion delivering a positive retail experience. Having a large, floor to ceiling, interactive window shopping experiences at store’s front, capture people’s attention from… Read more →