Is Yours a Donor-Centered Organization

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planning a donor wall

Is Yours a Donor-Centered Organization

Is Yours a Donor Centred Organization? Everyone in the charitable sector talks about the value and importance of being a donor-centered organization. But what does it really mean? It means building a relationship with your donors that is built on trust and respect. When organizations embrace donor-centered fundraising, they clearly place their donors first and keep them top-of-mind in virtually… Read more →

Donor Recognition Wall

Consider this Before You Start Your Charity Organizations Campaign

Charity Organizations must consider installing a Donor Recognition Wall at their facilities. For years, many charitable organizations avoided the term ‘marketing’. There was a prevalent feeling that it was at best, something for the corporate sector or at worst, somehow dirty or manipulative. Times have changed and now a solid marketing strategy is critical to achieve success and sustainability. Still, developing… Read more →

immersive events

NonProfit Capital Campaigns with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Developing and implementing a NonProfit Capital Campaigns is a major undertaking, involving significant marketing and communications to ensure you reach prospective donors, involved stakeholders and all others with a vested interest in your success. However, a challenge faced by many Capital Campaign directors is how to effectively promote the campaign and recognize supporters before the new facility is constructed and… Read more →