Immersive Technologies at Hospitals

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immersive technologies at hospitals

Immersive Technologies at Hospitals

Immersive Technologies for Hospitals A MUST HAVE at Children’s Hospitals and at Pediatric Departments in General Hospitals Most of us have read the faces of children playing computer games, immersed in virtual worlds and enjoying a multi-sensorial digital experience. We see these face every time they play on their computers, video consoles or mobile devices. Nowadays immersive technologies for can let… Read more →

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Interactive Technologies in Hospitals

Hospital Interactive technologies are now here to stay. Today’s consumers of healthcare are well informed and expect advanced choices. They want their experience to be welcoming, efficient and to provide customized care with the highest levels of service. And here is where Touch and Gesture Interactive Technologies in Hospitals are of great help Through strategic partners around the globe, Lusens… Read more →