Immersive Exhibits

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Immersive Exhibits

Immersive exhibits can now be found everywhere. Terms such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality that, until a couple of years ago were not known to most of us, become part of our lives. As our senses sounds, images, can feel movements and acceleration and more, we can create exhibits that stimulate all these senses taking a person to a virtual… Read more →


Can an Interactive Exhibit Be Too Interactive

Sensory Overload….Can an Interactive Exhibit Be Too Interactive? One of the potential risks of a truly interactive exhibit is sensory overload, resulting in your goals not being realized. Sensory overload refers to your body’s senses being over-stimulated, and while it is often associated with busy, crowded places, it can also pertain to how your senses are completely enveloped in an immersive experience. Creating… Read more →