Immersive Exhibits

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Immersive Exhibits

Immersive exhibits can now be found everywhere. Terms such as Virtual reality, Augmented Reality that, until a couple of years ago were not known to most of us, become part of our lives. As our senses sounds, images, can feel movements and acceleration and more, we can create exhibits that stimulate all these senses taking a person to a virtual… Read more →

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Best Interactive Retail Experiences

Engage Shoppers with Interactive Retail Experiences   Market studies show that engaging shoppers in interactive retail experiences produces a better results, drives traffic to stores and increase sales. Recent advances in technology allows retailers install systems that reacts to touch, gestures, facial expression and body motion delivering a positive retail experience. Having a large, floor to ceiling, interactive window shopping experiences at store’s front, capture people’s attention from… Read more →

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Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Engaging and inspiring applications of interactive multimedia experiences The realization of Interactive multimedia experiences  has just begun. They are being used for entertainment, education as well as utility purposes through many of its applications. The creation of interactive walls and displays, table tops and many such things is being accomplished and used for several purposes. These customized interaction and immersive… Read more →