Microsoft Kills Kinect

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Microsoft Kills Kinect

Microsoft Stops Manufacturing Kinect No more a rumour. Microsoft is finally admitting that is not going to continue manufacturing its Kinect 3d, depth camera. Since its introduction in November 2010 Microsoft sold around 35 million units of its Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 becoming the fastest-selling consumer device back in 2011 according to the Guinness World Records. Since introduced, the… Read more →

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This Neural Network could make Animations in Games a little less awkward

The graphical fidelity of current video games these days is truly astounding, but one thing their creators struggle to portray is the variety and fluidity of human motion. An animation system powered by a neural network drawing from real motion-captured data may help make our avatars walk, run and jump a little more naturally. Nowadays, using available AI and neural… Read more →

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Dance with Me – a Kinect Game and Social Experience

The use of Body Motion Sensing in Kinect Games After years of research and development, Lusens Labs, Lusens Inc’s R&D arm, developed StudioPRO, a software suite that allows the development of body motion and Kinect games. Using markers-free technology, we learned how to capture body motion vectores which we can then apply to avatars, so they can dance tango, play… Read more →

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3d Technology is Here to Stay

As you asking yourself how 3D Technology works in cinema or television movies ? Are you wondering what is the technology behind our ability to perceive the 3rd dimension ? New advances in 3D technology have created a momentum and we see it widely adopted as an advancing technology in various industries. Definitely, 3D Technology is Here to Stay as is becoming… Read more →

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How to Create Successful WayFinders for your Venue

Successful WayFinders are Key How to Create a Successful WayFinders Display for your Venue is not trivial. LUSENS Way-Finding systems create a custom, immersive search experience that guests find compelling and comfortable, connecting them to retail, commercial and institutional meeting spaces in a timely, intuitive and informative manner. Integrating state of the art touch and gesture technology, LUSENS creates Successful Way-Finders… Read more →

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Engaging User Experiences

Engaging User Experiences captivate, entertain and inform audiences. Research suggests that interactive mediums are significantly more effective and memorable than non-interactive alternatives. At Lusens we design engaging user experiences that blend with customer’s site environment, combining an enveloping sculptural with a powerful multimedia experience that engages and inspires the audience and leaves a lasting impression.   To create WOW Interactive and engaging user experiences a… Read more →