Bolster Donor Recognition with Multimedia Donor Walls

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multimedia donor walls

Bolster Donor Recognition with Multimedia Donor Walls

Multimedia Donor Walls make a difference. When it comes to running a charity or a non-profit, the donors are your lifeblood. Without their generosity, you cannot further your cause. While a majority of the donors contribute out of sheer altruism, it is your responsibility to assure their contributions are acknowledged and honored. It not only motivates the donors to contribute more… Read more →


Upgrade your Athletic Hall of Fame with Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Interested in the Best Athletic Hall of Fame for your college, university or other organization, to showcase past sporting victories, honor individual and corporate supporters, celebrate Alumni who’ve distinguished themselves through team or solo performance and create a destination on campus that will become a destination for history, inspiration and information?. Today, more and more Athletic Directors are opting for… Read more →